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Some of The Most Popular Casino Apps

These days smartphone apps have developed to such a level that for every pastime activity there exists an app for it. Whether you want to play ludo, carom or chess, there is an app for everything. Recently casino apps have gained huge momentum with smartphone users. Their sudden rise in fame can be understood easily. They provide the fun and thrill that you get in an actual casino, but these apps do it on a handheld device and hence save a lot of time and travelling. The huge popularity of casino apps amongst smartphone users has resulted in a surge of new apps coming on a daily basis on the Play Store. Just type casino in the search bar and you will be flooded with hundreds of new apps. Most of these apps are new comers and are cheap rip offs of the really popular ones. Here we will tell you about the apps that you can trust and enjoy without any worries. So let's get started and take a look at some of the most hot and happening casino apps available on the Play Store today. ThePokieRoom app sucks.

  • American Casino Guide:

American Casino Guide is not a virtual casino app. Instead it is an app for those who still prefer going to an actual casino. Consider this app as the IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes of the gambling world. Here you will find trusted reviews by people who have already visited the casino. A plus point of this app is that you can also add your own review. What it means is that if you have visited a casino and you want other people to know about its services then you can write a review and post it on this app so that others can benefit from your experience. This app is a must have for anyone who likes to try new casinos every now and then.

  • GSN Grand Casino:

This is a virtual casino app and it promises to deliver a true virtual experience of a casino. GSN Grand Casino at the top of our list featuring virtual casinos for a number of different reasons. The first and foremost is that it provides an unmatched experience for the player. The graphics are smooth and spectacular. The game collection is simply incredible and the payment system is hassle free. Whether you like to play slot machines, video poker or try your luck in bingo, this app has it all. This app is available for both android and apple devices.

  • Casino Finder:

Another app for real world casino lovers. You can use casino finder to find a casino near you. It works on the GPS system so it can easily access your location and inform you about the near casino. You can also find some short reviews on this app. If you are new in a town or if you are a tourist and you like casinos then this is an app for you. We suggest you use this app in conjunction with the one mentioned earlier. Use this app for finding the nearest casino and then use American Casino Guide to read a detailed review about the casino.

  • Blackjack 21 HD:

Some people prefer simplistic apps. For such people Blackjack 21 HD is a perfect app for playing Blackjack. The app is not flashy at all. It is as simple yet functional as it can get. All you have is a deck of cards, a dealer and the gameplay. There is also an option to collect more chips. You can do so by watching some ads. Please note that unlike most of the casino apps, this app is not a freemium one. Another point to note is that this app has just one game in it. It is on our list for its simplicity and its ability to make blackjack interesting on a smartphone. This is an app that delivers exactly what it promises i.e. Blackjack in a less flashy manner. This app is also a lightweight in terms of storage space and processing power used while playing. Give it a shot, who knows, may be you will love this clutter free simple app.

  • Casino Frenzy:

Casino Frenzy is more of a typical casino app, but this does not implies that its mediocre in any way. It is a brilliant casino app with great graphics. The app primarily focuses on slot machines and video poker games. New games are added on a regular basis so you will never run out of content on this app. A major plus point of playing games on this app is that it features hourly bonuses. There are other apps too that offer plenty of bonuses at frequent intervals but no one does it better than Casino Frenzy. If you are a sucker for slot machines or video poker then you will definitely love this app.

  • Full House Casino:

Full house casino is a great option for those who want an all in one app. It features a vast collection of casino games. A plus point is that it works well on both Android and Apple devices. Some apps tend to be buggy on android devices but that's not the case with Full House Casino. We guarantee that you will be able to enjoy this app without any bugs whatsoever. It tends to focus more on slot games. But as we already mentioned, this is an all in one casino app. Besides slot games, it also features a huge selection of other games such as Texas Poker, Bingo, Roulette and Blackjack. In order to keep things interesting, you will find regular tournaments being hosted on this app. There is no shortage of bonuses and if you find yourself looking for more then it also features a number of quests that you can complete. A huge array of casino games, high quality graphics design, high quality sound effects, bugs free gaming, live online tournaments, numerous quests and regular bonuses make this app as one of the all time favorites amongst the casino app lovers.