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Fun facts about online casinos

The industry of online gambling is increasing every year in both popularity and financial value. At the moment, the annual net worth of the online gambling industry is $45 billion. However, it is considered that the industry has a great potential to grow in the future and attract a bigger number of gamblers.

Such an increase has managed to convince people to look at casinos from a different point of view, instead of just an almost certain way to lose money. As a result of going online, the net worth of the gambling industry has increased rapidly and it is estimated that it will continue the trend for the next few years. After a closer look, specialists have actually found many arguments to prove that online gambling can be a way of making some profits.

Comfort and tracking

Going from regular casinos to online casinos has helped the industry attract a greater number of fans because of 2 main reasons.

First of all, the comfort of betting from home is something that all gamblers absolutely loved. Just a few clicks and gamblers are registered, slots start rolling, bets are placed and the money is in the accounts. No need to even get out of bed. A good internet connection and a bit of luck is enough.

Second, online gambling is a good way to keep track of time and money. Being able to constantly check the balance is essential when gambling. This way, players can set up their limits and can also keep track of time. Not having a limit and losing the track of time are a gambler’s biggest enemy.

Casino voucher codes and bonuses

With the wonders of technology and the help of the online environment, bonuses have become bigger and more popular amongst casinos. Welcome bonuses, free spins or vouchers convince gamblers to register online and start playing. For example, the Comeon casino voucher code is easy to apply and use and brings gamblers a few steps closer to those desired winnings.


Authorities in many countries are very strict when it comes to monitoring the activity of online casinos. Severe penalties for those who carry out illegal gambling on the internet have ensured a great deal of safety in the online gambling industry. It is very hard for gamblers to find illegal betting websites. On the other hand, it is very easy to check the legitimacy of these websites. Gamblers only have to check out the website’s license which is usually exposed on the homepage, for a good visibility.

Random Number Generators

RNGs (Random Number Generators) are a key ingredient to the success of online casinos. Most online casinos have witnessed a great increase of their reputation and credibility among gamblers as a result of the RNGs.

However, casinos use PRNGs or Pseudo-Random Number Generators, which have a unique trait that doesn’t require feeding in external inputs for generating outputs, but requires algorithms, which are always fixed, and seed numbers, that are generated in fractions of seconds.

Online casinos can be profitable and quite fun. It is important to industry’s know the pros and cons of the industry. Before registering for an online casino, players must be thoroughly informed.

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