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How to Choose the Online Casino That Suits You

Online gaming is getting more and more popular. Whether you like to play driving games, first person shooters or prefer idle games there is likely to be at least one game on your smartphone or tablet.

Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular too. Some people like to play slots, others play bingo as traditional halls keep disappearing and others like to pit their wits online at the virtual poker table.


If you were looking for some new games to download or perhaps a website to login to where do you begin?

Perhaps with friend’s recommendations. We’ve all got one gamer friend and as long as you can drag them away from the screen for a few minutes I’m sure they’d have great advice but let’s assume that is either not possible or perhaps you’re more interested in netti casino games and don't know anyone else who is.


Recommending an online casino

The first thing most people do with any purchase these days is read reviews. It seems everything gets reviewed these days from a flashlight to a sports car. If you search the net you will find reviews gushing about the wonderful features their new toy has or conversely how rubbish their latest purchase was and why no one in their right mind should ever buy one. Choosing an online casino should be no different. Unless you are planning to only ever play the free games, which is totally fine, you will end up charging your debit card to gamble so you want to know you are picking the right option. If poker is your game then maybe look for reviews specifically targeting that game.


Check our Google reviews

You just search for online casinos and any other keywords you might want to do. Perhaps look for a website that is aimed at your particular country (although Google usually sorts this for you) and then look to see if there are any reviews attached. Read the positive and the negative. Don’t assume that a five star review is all good. There are many that say things like ‘I’ve only just started playing but five stars so far’ and such. Look for more seasoned reviewers.

Check Google Play Store or Apple Store for reviews before you download any apps. A long established app with a score of around 4.6 should be a reliable place to start. Remember you can always download another if the first one wasn’t to your requirements.


Look for those sign up bonuses and freebies

Most new players can sign up for free bonuses when they register at an online casino. Some free games will offer free spins and other websites will offer real cash that you can use to gamble on other games instead of using your own cash.

The free games are great for getting used to how the casino plays and you can warm up before heading into a cash game. Even when you are ready to put down some money remember you have that sign on bonus to use.


What payment methods does the casino take?

Depending on your circumstances and which state or country you are in you might need to look at what payment methods they take and if it is secure.

The payment method is your choice but you should be aware for instance that it is impossible to use a credit card in the UK on gambling sites and that also means you cannot use Skrill or Paypal either because they allow credit cards to be used for gambling.

A debit card is the most common way to top up your account (assuming you are going to use some real money on the kaszino). You might want to consider getting a prepaid or reloadable card. Sometimes called travel cards, these debit cards come with a Visa or Mastercard symbol but have no credit facility and a zero balance. You will have to load your own cash onto it from either another debit card or a bank transfer. You can then use this for your gaming account. The beauty is that if for some reason your card details became compromised the only money at risk is the amount you loaded. If you keep it to say $50 then that is all that can be lost.


Are bitcoins a good idea?

Bitcoins have a huge amount of benefits but you should be wary of using them on online casinos unless you are sure you can trust the website you are using. Using bitcoins can mean the casino is unregulated and unlicensed. This isn’t alway so it is just something to be aware of. Plus points are that your information is private and anonymous. No third party processing here.


Tablet, smartphone or PC?

What device you are using could impact on your decision. Apps and websites should all be optimised for smartphones but you may still prefer a bigger screen. Some of the slot games are complex and card games can have small text and symbols.

Smartphones have the one major advantage of convenience. You can carry it in your hand, place it in your pocket and the chances are it is nearly always on or near you. Tablets are that little bit more bulky and laptops more so. Desktops obviously are not portable at all although maybe you prefer to sit in front of a big screen and keep your phone handy for other uses.


What games do you want to play?

Sounds obvious but it can make a difference on what you choose. If it is just slots you like then choose a dedicated game from an App store. There is no need to login to an online casino unless you want a variety of games. Likewise if you only play poker then look for an app that lets you do this.

Many people like the variety that casinos bring so in this case look for a well reviewed website with possibly a well known brand name attached. Check out the sign up bonuses. Make sure the payment system suits if you are going to use real money and you should be set to chill at home unless you are planning a road trip to Vegas.