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Our best online casino comparison

It is not easy for anyone looking for reputable online casino providers today. Almost every week new online casinos open their doors and lie for the favour of customers. For users, the question arises, what is the best online casino? Where can I only find the games that are among my favourite games? Which bonus offer suits me? Question after question. If you were to search for the right provider yourself, you would be busy researching for days.

This is exactly where we start with our current offer. We provide you with an online casino test that does the work for you. With the help of our comparison website you can see at a glance which internet casino suits you best. Because only those who make a precise selection when choosing their online gaming provider will find the partner from our online casino test, which is also played over a longer period of time. In short, with our help every gambler can find the best online casino for him without having to search for a long time. Alternatively, you can also watch a casino live streaming to get a first glimpse into online gambling.

Why should you use our online casino test?

We at skytvcasino have made it our goal to help you find the best internet casinos and providers for online gambling. Therefore, we not only offer you a suitable online casino test in which our editors introduce you to the best online casino for you. We achieve this by letting you have your say. Through our awards system and the real user reviews of our community, we ensure maximum transparency in terms of reviews. Because we know that just as the best online casinos differ in our online casino comparison, gamblers also differ in their personal specifications. While there are players who attach great importance to the fact that as many digital machines as possible are offered in an Internet casino, there are others who place great value on a mobile offer.

Internet Casinos Checklist: This is how you can find good online casinos

We want to be completely honest: nowadays there are a number of black sheep among internet casinos and providers of online gambling. Many players rightly ask themselves whether they can play safely and legally on the net? And from that point of view, that's a perfectly legitimate question. Therefore, we put in our online casino comparison only legal and reputable providers. For example, we assume that the provider has a valid license and that their pages are technically secured via SSL. If one of the two points is missing, there is no chance of the title Best Online Casino. But that alone would not be enough for us. This is where our community comes in. Because only if a good online casino manages to get positive reviews from the users can we recommend it. Our editors go into depth here and do research on the Internet to see whether there are relevant entries in player forums that the casino, for example, withholds customer funds or blocks accounts. And it is precisely this kind of misconduct that the readers of our communities discuss. In addition to the two specifications just mentioned with the license and the technical encryption, no negative entries may be found on the network. We assume that we even include an internet casino in our online casino comparison for the title Best Online Casino. Regardless of this, we expect in our online casino tests that internet casinos and providers of online gambling also try to serve every type of player when it comes to portfolios. In the case of digital machines, we expect that many different game manufacturers will be rented and that every taste will be served. And with Live Casino we currently assume that a provider works with one of the leading gaming providers who also offer the currently popular game shows. Should problems arise, you will be happy if you have chosen an internet casino from the online casino comparison that also deserves the title of best online casino in terms of customer service. Because on the one hand you do not want to have to wait long, on the other hand you want to be served in your mother tongue. We therefore rate the availability of customer service offers as an important service. Even if this is ideally never needed. And the fact that we extensively test payment options has an important background. Because let us be completely honest: Anyone who chooses an internet casino from the online casino comparison does it because they want to win there. And since every gambler prefers a different payment option, testing the payment criteria is an important element. The more extensive and freer of charge they are, the better. The sooner a provider receives the title Best Online Casino.

Editor recommendation of the best online casino

We currently recommend the online casino offer from Fair Go Casino. Their casino portfolio is extensive. The Fair Go Casino bonus is one of the most beginner-friendly offers. Their online casino is far more than just an additional offer of the more than convincing sports betting portal. Here every gambler is served with suitable games. And the fact that we are talking about a provider who also offers you poker and is connected to a poker network completes the positive overall appearance that the provider has made with us and with our community. If you are not sure which online casino you should be playing at right now, follow our editorial recommendation and see whether the Fair Go Casino’s online casino offer is suitable for your online gambling in Australia!

So, we test in the online casino comparison

Online casino comparisons Online casino tests are now a dime a dozen. Most of them do not help you in any way. This is exactly where we start. We want to shed some light on the darkness and take a different approach when it comes to comparing internet casinos and choosing the best online casino. Because our editors are just as enthusiastic about gamblers as the players from our community. Therefore, we present you exactly the test categories that are of fundamental importance to you. How many proceed here exactly and how our editors rate the Internet casinos for you personally, we will tell you in the following. If you are wondering how our editors give the test rating Best Online Casino, then read on now.

Bonus offers at the best online casino provider

The bonus offers at a good online casino are the alpha and omega of every provider. It's not just about the welcome bonuses and free spins that you receive with a registration or the first deposit, but also about the regular bonus promotions. This includes not only deposit bonuses and bonus credits, but also promotions with free spins and tournaments in which you can participate. In this category we go into detail on how these offers are designed. With the welcome bonus, however, we also show how the bonus compares to other providers and what players need to consider here. How long do I have time to be able to implement the bonus and how often does the bonus have to be implemented? Which games count towards the bonus turnover and which amount has to be wagered? Bonus offers are different for each provider and can quickly lead to misunderstandings, especially for beginners.

Ease of use and design

We are also dealing in detail with this point. It is not just about how the page looks and how it is designed, but also about how well you can find your way around it. What use is a page that you can't find your way around because the menu navigation is far too complicated? Problems can arise depending on how extensive a good online casino is.

A small casino section with a few games is of course less problematic than a provider with an almost endless selection of games in umpteen categories and an additional sports betting offer. It is therefore important to know in advance how well you can find your way around a page.

Payments and means of payment

This category is one of the most important in our tests and comparisons. Most of the best online casinos are offering several different payment possibilities. It's not just about how fast you can deposit, but also about how quickly you have your winnings in your own account. For those who like to use a bonus, payments are just as important. Whether it's a welcome bonus or a recurring promotion, almost all promos require a deposit. It is important to have a choice of payment methods that are tailored to your needs. How easy is it to deposit and how fast is the money in the game account? In addition to credit cards, there are a number of other methods that can be used. PayPal, Paysafecard, bank transfer and many others are often included. But the payouts should also be processed quickly so that you have your winnings in the account as quickly as possible. Not all providers give this information in advance without registration. It is therefore all the more important to find out about fees and transaction speeds in advance.

Customer service

Customer service is also an important criterion when choosing a new provider. No matter how well a page is designed, questions or problems can always arise. This can affect games as well as payments and other processes at good online casinos. It is therefore important that a provider takes care of customers' concerns. And as quickly and easily as possible. If there are problems and you have to wait days or even weeks for a solution, the fun of the game can quickly fall by the wayside. In this category, we take a close look at customer service and check email and telephone support as well as live chat.

License and Security

Of course, we also deal with safety in our tests and comparisons. Above all, we deal with the license of each provider. Is the license valid and recognized? Which country does the license come from and what do you have to pay attention to as a user? We focus on all licenses from European member states. But even if a provider is licensed overseas, we emphasize this for the user. So, everyone can make their decision based on the given facts. In addition to the licenses, we also deal with reports from other users and the security of payments. SSL connections and player protection are put to the test here. A good license can be a start to provider is one of the best online casino.

Best Online Casinos: Loyalty programs and awards

We also dedicate ourselves to this topic in our online casino test. In our online casino test, all offers relating to loyalty programs are put to the test. How good is the offer, what is promised and what do you really get in the end? Is such a loyalty program worthwhile for normal users? How well do VIPs and high rollers do with such offers?

In addition to the loyalty program, we also deal with the awards in this category. If an online casino has received a title or an award such as “best online casino”, then we will let you know. So, users can rely on tested quality.

Casino Offers by the best online casino

When it comes to the online casino offerings, we concentrate fully on the games and slots on offer. How good is the selection of slots and which game manufacturers are represented? Which slots are particularly popular and also in great demand at other casinos? Are these slots and slot machines such as Book of the Dead available? But at this point, too, we take a closer look at the structure of the casino area and point out any strengths and weaknesses. In addition to the many slots and slot machines, all other games also pass our test. This also includes the live casino area. Here you can play live with other players. How many tables and different games are there in the provider's live portfolio and what do you have to consider?


Since we are already dealing with the game portfolio in detail, we of course also deal with the limits. It's not just about the limits at the live tables, but also about limits on various slots and slot machines as well as other games. In this way, every user knows the minimum stake to be expected in a game and the maximum amount that can be bet per round. This information is just as important for VIPs and high rollers as it is for the average consumer.

Finding the Best Casino Online on our website

We are your first point of contact if you want to find out more about the best sports betting and casino providers of our time. We put well-known providers such as Bet365, Bwin, Bet3000, Wunderino or Bet-at-home through their paces for you and present them all to you in detail in our large provider comparison. From here you can go directly to the providers or our reviews with one click. And thanks to the positions in the table, you can see at a glance how one provider is doing against others. We do the same when evaluating the best casino bonus in our bonus comparison. There we take a very close look at what offers such as the Bet365 Bonus, Bwin Bonus, Bet3000 Bonus, Wunderino Bonus or Bet-at-home Bonus are convincing. We are going one step further here than the competition. If you call up our individual guides, we will tell you in detail how our editors were able to meet the wagering requirements for a certain bonus. Here, too, you can see from the table position how the offer is doing compared to competitors or which unique selling points you can count on when activated.

We introduce you to the most important game manufacturers and their top games in the guide to casino software providers. We will explain to you exactly which providers are currently ahead with their games and are among the best online casino. We will tell you which machines pay out particularly well and which providers are responsible for the popular game shows in the live casino. Here you can also learn a lot about the background to the development of the individual machine manufacturers and we will keep you informed about new releases in the segment on a regular basis. But we don't just introduce you to machines and slots. We go one step further than competitors and also cover important table games for you such as online roulette (online roulette American, online roulette French or online roulette European), baccarat or blackjack with suitable guides, professional tips and strategy instructions.

In our guide to payments we introduce you to the most important payment methods that we require in order to be able to see a casino or a sports betting provider. For example, we check whether a PayPal casino is offered. Or whether other important payment methods are at the start. Here we particularly check whether the newer payment methods are also covered.

If you are one of those tipsters who want to maximize their profits with strategies, then you are spot on. Because we don't just tell you which strategies are currently particularly useful in sports betting. Here we go one step further and combine the best betting odds in Australia from certain bookmakers with very special strategies. In short: We'll tell you where a draw strategy currently makes the most sense or where you can get the highest possible odds for profit maximization with an outsider strategy.

In our guides section we explain all the important terms from the online sports betting and casino segment. Here you will find additional advice from our editors. No matter whether they introduce you to a certain new machine that pays particularly well or whether they tell you how they can maximize their winnings with an automatic bet adjustment to slots. If you want to get the most out of gambling, you should regularly take a look at our guides!

Frequently asked Questions

  • Which good online casino do you recommend?

Which online casino provider is the best online casino? This question about the best online casino is not easy to answer. That's because it depends on your preferences. So-called high rollers, players who play high stakes have different demands on a casino than someone who has just started playing online and is looking for a good online casino.

  • How can I win at top online casinos?

There is a good way to win at top online casinos. We recommend that all players familiarize themselves with the respective game in advance and learn the rules. Machines and games as such cannot be manipulated and winnings cannot be forced. Nevertheless, one can use strategies that deal with the size of the bets after a win or loss. This way you can significantly improve your chances of bigger profits.

  • How do I find the best online casinos?

If you are looking for a top online casino and do not want to be satisfied with second-class online casino providers, you should definitely use our online casino test. In our online casino test, we take a close look at every online casino provider. So, everyone can decide for themselves which factors are important for one and only select the top online casinos.

  • What makes a top online casino?

When it comes to the question of what makes a top online casino, opinions differ. This is because each user has their own interests and preferences. What is important to one person does not necessarily have to be important to another. It is therefore important that you deal extensively with the online casino provider in our online casino test. This is the only way to find the optimal provider for yourself.

  • Which good online casino can I find the best games at?

If you are looking for the best games at an online casino provider, you should definitely use our online casino test. We compare the various providers on the basis of selected criteria and put each provider's game portfolio through its paces. So, every user can find their optimal casino quickly and easily!