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The world in 2069: Technology of the future

We’ve come a long way in the last 50 years. 1969 was, after all, the year of Woodstock, the Apollo 11 moon landings and – best of all – the birth of Shane Keith Warne.

If all of that feels like a long while ago (sorry Shane), it’s sobering to think that the world we live in today will feel equally distant in 2069. But how will life have changed in the next 50 years?

Forex trading experts IG have gazed into their crystal balls to consider how the world of trading will look by the time we reach 2069. Their conclusions point towards far-reaching trade that will impact the world beyond trading.

IG’s Future of Trading guide predicts that:

  • *  Traders will be able to make decisions powered by thought alone

  • *  AI assistants will usurp human brokers

  • *  Fiat currencies will be a think of the past – with cryptocurrencies reigning supreme

  • *  Traders will be able to launch their own 3D ‘trading rooms’ from their mobile.

This sort of futuristic technology may well come to make the world of smartphones and WiFi feel as old fashioned as the late 60s seems to us today.

See the full guide below to explore the science behind IG’s 2069 predictions.

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