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Betting on Horses: How to Win Money at the Racetrack

Placing a bet at the racetrack isn’t rocket science – all you need to do is find a reliable platform, create an account, make your bet and collect your winnings (if you’re skilled) or enjoy a piece of humble pie (when your bet doesn’t pay off).

Horse races are pure fun. However, most people don’t just watch it because of the thrill aspect, but because they want to bet on it and hopefully, make a kill. And surprisingly, statistics reveal that almost every person who watches a horse race places a wager on it. But even so, only a few of these people take home the prize.

So, the question is, how do people win money at the racetrack?

The simple answer is that they have a basic understanding of betting at the racetrack.

It takes a while to get good at betting on the horses, so don’t beat yourself up if you lose some money at the start. Besides, being a seasoned player isn’t really about the amount of money you make, but about being a savvy operator, the thrill of the game, and beating the odds. Here is how you can win on Unibet horse racing:

The devil is on the detail

Pay close attention to the past and present information about the horse to gauge how well it will perform in the upcoming race. This includes anything and everything from the horse’s bloodline, its trainer, its previous track record, its equipment, the day’s weather report, and so on. The idea is to find out everything worth noting about the horse to gain an edge. Luckily, you can find incredible resources about different horses and racetrack events online and even on paper. You can also talk to top analysts if you happen to know one.

Combine bets to maximise winnings

You may not know this, but it is possible to enhance your chances of winning by combining the stakes in a range of ways. Although this may cost you more than the usual bet, it offers much higher payouts based on the odds of the horse. So, rather than betting on a single horse, you can try betting on multiple horses in the same race. If you have done your research well and are confident about your picks, multiple horse bets are an excellent way to get more significant returns for your investment.

Bet at other racetracks across the country

Don’t limit yourself to a single racetrack, instead, bet at different tracks across the country, and globe too. Often, the races are shown on TV screens in specific locations. You can even stream them online through betting apps or sites. Since you are seeking to put yourself in the best position of winning, you should listen carefully to the commentator to see if you can pick an excellent tip to bet on. Statistics reveal that top 10 riders win about 90% of the races during the meet and that favourite horses win about 33% of the time. You can leverage such information to your advantage. Explore Malaysia horse racing tips.

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