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Jeffrey Hayes talks: Betting on E-Sports

Right now, betting on e-sports is a huge thing. This quite new form of betting got off to a slow beginning. However, over the past several years, e-sports betting has gained a lot of attention. The growth has been extremely fast that it has been projected that the e-sports betting market across the globe would be worth almost $30 billion by next year.

That is a huge figure. This is particularly true whenever you consider that e-sports is still not that popular to some extent. Nowadays, e-sports fanbase is big. However, it is nowhere as huge as the fanbases for old-school sports such as tennis, football, and soccer. Almost every individual outside of those forms of fanbases does not have any knowledge of what e-sports is all about. They definitely do not know anything about betting on e-sports.

So, what is an e-sport? How can you bet on e-sports? Before reading, you can browse a New Zealand online casino list in order to acquaint yourself with some of the places you can find places to bet on.

What is E-Sports?

For those who do not know, e-sport is just the short term for electronic sports. This refers to competitive video gaming. Thus, we are essentially talking about individuals playing video games against one another in a competition. Of course, the principle here is not new. It has been happening in the homes of people ever since the first gaming consoles and home computers came out.

It is really crucial that you’ve got a proper understanding of at least a few of the video games that are played before you begin betting on e-sports. If you do not have any idea about the games, you will not certainly make good betting decisions. It isn’t required to be a true expert. However, you definitely require knowing how the games are played and some of the tactics used.

Famous E-Sports Games

Keep in mind that you do not have to learn about every single one of the games. However, you should certainly learn about any game that you plan to bet on. Here are some of the most popular e-sports games today:

World of Tanks

Super Smash Bros

Street Fighter

Starcraft II


Rocket League



League of Legends

Heroes of the Storm

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


FIFA Soccer/Football

Dota 2

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Call of Duty


How to Bet on E-Sports

You are ready to know about the betting side of things after you know what e-sports are all about.

Real Money Betting

This is the type of e-sports betting that is almost the same as the traditional sports betting. This works in almost the same way as betting on golf tournaments, , horse racing, boxing matches, or football games. You will place real money bets at agreed odds. Then, if the selections are right, you will get paid out. You could bet on all types of various results. This includes the overall winners of tournaments and the winners of individual matches.

Skin Betting

Item betting, commonly known as skin betting, is extremely popular among e-sports fans. A lot of modern video games have online currencies and other things that can be “traded” between players, where there is no need for any online payments per se. Oftentimes, these items are highly hunted after among dedicated gamers. Because of that, there are a lot of trade and auction sites where players could swap, sell, and purchase items and currencies for some of the most well-known video games.

In addition to that, there are betting websites where players could utilize currencies and items to bet with.  They could utilize these items to wage on the result of e-sports tournaments as a substitute for actual money. Also, they could utilize them for other types of gambling as well. For example, several websites exist where you can use items to play games of chance such as a simple coin flip or roulette.

Social Betting

This is pretty common in the e-sports industry where online contacts or friends place informal wagers on the result of tournaments between themselves. These bets could be for actual money. However, typically, they are for other items or skins.

However, this type of betting is not recommended. The reason for this is that betting with your actual friends isn’t a great idea since it could lead to insignificant arguments. Also, it can be risky to bet with individuals that you only know online.

Jeffrey Hayes