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3 Reasons Why You Should Start Learning THC Detox

So today we’re going to talk about THC – a term that is rather unfamiliar to some, but is also close to the heart of many. THC is an abbreviation of the chemical compound Tetrahydrocannabinol or better known as the active ingredient in marijuana. It is also the substance that can get you into trouble during drug tests – especially when you’re living in a country that prohibits the usage of this magic herb.

People may consider taking (e.g. smoking, drinking, even eating) marijuana. Some would say it’s for health purposes, that marijuana helps with respiratory problems or improves a person’s sleep-wake cycle (see reference). Others would argue that Mary Jane aids them with their diet – especially for those who have trouble putting in healthy weight by normal means. Although marijuana has long been studied for its medicinal properties and benefits, still, many regard it as “too dangerous” to commercialize. This is mainly because marijuana, or cannabis, may encourage substance dependency in some people.

True enough, many cases can attest to this fear. Completely normal, healthy people have become overly dependent on smoking weed time and time again. And even though some countries and states do not see the harm in it, explaining that the “addiction” is similar to that of smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or drinking coffee (which are considered legal and safe); other places around the globe are still widely against its use – or particularly, its abuse.

Let’s face it. When you’ve smoked a little too much pot, you’re not exactly yourself. Your mood gets somewhat elated or real droopy. And many aspects of our lives require strong focus and sense of self, as in the case of working and schooling. As such, educational and professional establishments are strongly against using any form of psychoactive drugs within or even outside their respective places of activity. This is because when you work for a certain company or attend a particular university, you also carry their names wherever you go. If you ever get in trouble because of substance abuse, they’ll share part of the shame too.

If this is you, a completely avid marijuana user who have no plans of stopping anytime soon, here are possible problems you might find yourself stuck into:

1. Universities Are Closing Their Doors for You

Why, aren’t they thoughtful? Nah, that’s actually a pretty cruel thing to put up with. But you can’t blame these schools – especially with how positive your drug test results looked like. If there is any test you would want to get a negative score on in your entire student life, it should be drug tests. You are free, encouraged even, to ace every other test in existence, just not this one (or a psychopathology exam, for that matter). It would only be natural for universities to reject your application after they find out your blood has high concentrations of Tetrahydrocannabinol. First, because it wouldn’t be good for the school’s image should you get into trouble. And second, you’re a walking, marijuana influencer. The last thing educational establishments need is more people to celebrate 4/20.

2. You May Have Gotten Into Your Dream School but Only To Get Kicked Out

Drug tests usually don’t stop at the admission phase – if anything, getting admitted is just a preliminary hurdle to what’s yet to come. Top-rated and highly influential universities often conduct random, surprise drug tests to make sure they catch perpetrators right when their guards are all down. This is a form of quality inspection for schools. To make sure that their students are still the same students they admitted the first time, some schools just go this extra mile.

3. Seeking Employment Can Be Such a Hassle

After education comes joining the labor force. Well, you got to grind to get the good kind – right? Your stash isn’t going to pile itself, after all. However, just like educational centers, companies too are rather strict when it comes to substance use. This is why when you apply for a job, you’ll be surprised to find yourself in a college admission scenario all over again. You got the personality tests, the interviews, and yep – you guessed right – more drug screenings. As you may already expect, employers are less likely to hire applicants who turn out with positive results. And even if luck would have it and you do get in, chances of promotion would be pretty dim.

So, am I saying you should stop using marijuana? Not really. Not if you don’t want to. What I’m saying, however, is to be smart about it. Learn how to get THC out of your system real quick using this guide. Improving your knowledge on THC detoxing will help you avoid most of the situations I described above.

Well, tootle-too for now, and best of luck!

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