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Electronic cigarettes are big business in Australia, as they are in countries all over the world today. E-liquids are available in a bewildering variety of flavours from many different vendors and, along with the electronic cigarettes they are used with, can be purchased online and delivered to one's home in just a few days. A recent survey reported that over 15% of Australians over the age of 14 had used e-cigarettes in the last 6 months and this figure is expected to increase year on year. There are a number of reasons that vaping, as the smoking of electronic cigarettes is commonly referred to, has become so popular in Australia, including those listed below.

Why E-Cigarettes Are Growing in Popularity

More and more companies are becoming involved in the vaping industry, capitalising on the appeal of electronic cigarettes to people of all ages.

  • Health Concerns – The main driving force behind the growth in e-cigarette and e-liquid sales is the concerns that people have about the effect of tobacco smoking on their health. A study in the UK, published by Public Health England, concluded that electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than their tobacco equivalents and prompted a call for governments across the globe to promote vaping as a much healthier alternative to conventional cigarettes. Used as an aid to quit, electronic cigarettes could help millions of people to lead significantly longer lives.

  • Financial Considerations – Smokers who get through 20 cigarettes a day will spend an average of $7,300 a year on their habit while those who take up vaping instead will spend around $1,150, assuming a similar level of smoking. A saving of over $6,000 a year is a powerful motivating force for many smokers and is sure to lead to even more converts over the coming years. Unless the cost of e-cigarettes rises much faster than the rate of inflation, and there is no reason to suspect that it will, the savings on offer are only like to increase as taxes on tobacco products become more onerous with every successive government budget announcement.

  • Convenience – While smoking tobacco in one's home on a regular basis will result in the discolouration of paintwork and wallpaper over time, not to mention the ever-present smell of stale smoke, vaping has no such drawbacks and as such, is seen to be a more convenient alternative. If you decide to use e-cigarettes in your home on a daily basis, you will not need to redecorate your home every six months in order to keep the walls and ceilings from turning yellow.

While people are still drawn to the habit of smoking, electronic cigarettes will continue to offer a cheaper, more convenient, and healthier alternative to tobacco products, which should ensure the industry as a whole thrives for many years to come. The fact that vaping is popular among younger people, even those who have never smoked tobacco products, is another positive indicator as far as the future health of the vaping industry is concerned.

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