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As a business, keeping your customers safe should always be a main concern of yours. The fact is, one wrong move from you and you could end up putting your customers in danger, and alienating them for good. The level you need to do this at can totally depend on what type of business you have, but many principles remain the same.

Let’s talk about what it really takes to keep your customer’s safe:

Control Access To Paper Documents

If you keep paper documents on your customers, then you need to make sure you control access to them. You can't just give any staff member access. If you do, it’s a sign that you’re too lackadaisical and need to up your security a notch.

When it comes to sensitive documents, you need to be super choosy about who gets the key.

Secure And Backup Records Securely

Usually, records are kept on the computer these days. Are yours secured and backed up as safely as they could be? Keeping them in the cloud is a good measure, but using software to make them inaccessible to outsiders is even better. If you put your customers at risk by making their information easily accessible, you will likely lose them for life.

Identify Hazards

Walking around the workplace, can you identify hazards that may be a risk to your customers - maybe even your employees? Having regular assessments is a must, especially if you have customers on site for meetings and other purposes. Whether you have a construction business or your work is done primarily in an office, hazard detection in the workplace should be a consistent process.

Have The Right Type Of Insurance

Insurance won’t stop things from happening, which is why you need to take the precautions in the first place to do this yourself. However, it can help you to have the right type of insurance (which is compulsory anyway). You must do your research, and if you’re unsure on what you need then get somebody to explain public liability insurance and the other options out there. If something happens and you have the wrong type of insurance, then you’re not going to get any help, and it could even send you into bankruptcy. You should never take the chance.

CCTV And Security

Having high quality CCTV and security installed on your premises can help to deter criminals and rogue employees. If something does happen, you’ll have it all on tape, which can help police investigations. It may even help to have security guards on your doors if your business is particularly sensitive. When customers see how seriously you take your security, they will have more faith in you as a business.

Keeping your customers safe means you need to have a great plan in place to make it work. When you know you’ve take all of the necessary steps to keep them safe, you can have total peace of mind. If you have any other tips for businesses looking to do this, leave your thoughts below!

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