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Are you trying to use screen recording to capture a video call directly from your screen so that you can save it? If you are but you find the quality leaves a lot to be desired, you should take steps to fix that.

The quality of the video calls that you record will depend on several factors, each of which has a part to play in its own right.

Internet Connection Quality

The quality of your internet connection is important because it will directly affect the quality of your call. If your internet speed isn’t fast enough or your connection isn’t stable, you can expect the video quality to deteriorate and for it to lag or have a considerable delay.

Ideally it is best if you’re on a Wi-Fi (or LAN cable) broadband connection that isn’t shared by other users. If you are you can turn off anything else that may be taking up bandwidth (such as file downloads) and make sure your connection is as fast as possible.

It may help to use services such as Speed Test to assess your connection, and then compare that against the bandwidth required by Skype or other platforms.

Webcam Video and Microphone Audio Quality

Another factor that will impact the quality of your video calls is the quality of video recorded via webcam, and audio recorded via microphone on both ends of the call. Admittedly you’ll only be able to directly control the quality on your end, but you may be able to suggest improvements to the other party in the call as well.

Make no mistake there are lots of areas that you could potentially improve the webcam video quality. However as a start you should focus on the position of the webcam, lighting, and background.

As far as the microphone audio is concerned, you should try using a decent external microphone and minimizing any background noise that may be present. If you hear an echo or a hum of sorts it may be a feedback loop – in which case you should try using headphones or position your mic further from the speaker.

Screen Recording Parameters

Last but not least the screen recording parameters will have a part to play as well. If you can you should maximize the window of the video call and record it at as high a resolution as possible to improve the definition of the video, and increase the frame rate as well.

To be perfectly honest it shouldn’t be too difficult to record Skype calls or Google Hangout sessions, and for example you could use Movavi Screen Recorder to capture the video. Once you’re done just make sure you encode the video in the same settings that it was recorded in – especially in terms of the resolution and frame rate.

If you take all the steps listed above, the video calls that you record should look far more impressive, and their quality should be excellent.

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