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Regardless of your industry, the security of your office and your premises in general needs to be one of your greatest concerns. Reasons behind this are quite numerous, seeing how these safety measures aren’t there only to protect your equipment but your employees and your corporate secrets, as well.

Imagine a scenario where a dissatisfied former client could simply rush into your office and start belittling or even physically endangering your staff. You could also try to imagine a scene where your greatest competitor waltzes right in and takes the email list of your most valuable clients from the printer. In order to safeguard against these threats, here are a few items that should definitely find their place on your ultimate office security checklist.

Key-card access system

While this is probably not something that most startups may see as necessary, or even cost effective, this is probably the ultimate way of protecting your company’s integrity. Earlier on we mentioned the danger of confidential information getting stolen and the best way to prevent this is to keep everything on a need-to-know basis. This means that you need to hand-pick people who have unrestricted access to every corner of your office, while others might want to restrict their movement to the work-area alone.

Peer-monitoring system

Another problem that most businesses face is that of in-house theft. You see, even with great working conditions, some people are simply never content, which might make them look for a dishonest way of improving their finances. However, by teaming people up and properly organizing your office space, you might create an atmosphere that is on its own safety-friendly. Sure, privacy might be great for productivity but the idea of always being visible by their peers might on its own be enough to discourage any kind of in-house fraudulent behavior.

Creating a physical barrier

Even though the above-mentioned two issues may help make your office safer from a specific hazard type, you cannot miss out on the opportunity to think about the physical safety of your office. You see, in order to make your business space truly secure, you need to make sure every single point of entry is properly fortified. Seeing how this particular safety measure might be a bit expensive you might be inclined to look for a great safety-to-price ratio. Luckily, providers of high-end security doors in Sydney have satisfactory options for different price-ranges.

Investing towards better surveillance

Finally, you might want to think about installing a better surveillance system inside of your office. The best thing about this is the fact that in 2017, the price of surveillance gear is much lower than it ever was before. Furthermore, you don’t need an expensive software to run it, seeing how today you can just download an appropriate app and monitor your office from your phone or tablet. The most interesting thing about the surveillance system is that its presence alone acts as a powerful deterrent, which can on its own resolve most of your security-related issues.


While there are always more ways to protect your office, these four issues should become a foundation of any future security improvements you intend to make. Aside from them, you can also think about raising a fence, protecting your ventilation system and even get firearms for your security guards (provided there is a need for such a thing). Keep in mind that the term cost-effective consists of two parts, so in order for a security upgrade to be viable, it needs to both fit your budget and meet your needs. This, unfortunately, tends to be a tad more difficult than it may seem at first.

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