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Living in the 21st century has its benefits and its disadvantages, that being said the benefit that most people will agree on is the access that people have to the World Wide Web or the internet.

Having access to the internet has allowed businesses to evolve and grow.

Some of the key businesses that have made use of the internet age are online commerce shops or e-commerce shops as it is known in the technical world and media and marketing companies.

Due to the way that the internet works, both these categories of businesses have benefitedimmensely, which is a good thing as they have also benefited their target markets and consumer base.

However, with all the benefits that companies and marketing campaigns get from making use of the internet, they are still largely at risk of one of the internet’s biggest disadvantage, Cyber Attacks, and Espionage.

Cyber Attacks and Espionage is a topic that has got a list of business that it effects that runs a mile long, so to slim things down, we will discuss how Cyber Attacks and Espionage effect the Digital Marketing community on the internet.

To get a better idea of what we were dealing with we spoke to Mr. Dami who is the director of one of the leading SEO Company in South Australia, who claimed that the threat of cyber criminals in the emerging digital marketing era is real and some of the ways to combat this threat could be the implementation of technologies such as sandboxing as a feature of secure Web gateways. He further said that with the growing research and advancement in cloud sandboxing, advanced threats and legacy malware could be mitigated.

Who is responsible for Cyber Attacks?

The people who are responsible for cyber-attacks are commonly known as hackers or hacktivists. In this context, the word hacker is referred to the black-hat version of hackers.

Why would they target companies?

The main reason why a hacker will target a company of any kind is that of money.

The way that these hackers make money is by collecting important and useful data that the general public doesn’t have access to and once they have to data that they need they sell it online to the highest bidder.

How can this affectan SEO Company?

This reason why a lot of these hackers target SEO companies is to get a list of all their clients’ details.

They do this so they can shut down a list of websites that the SEO Company works with and then blackmails the webmasters for money in exchange for the websites password and login details.

Another possible scenario is a hacker gaining access to cliental detail on the orders of a rival company to gain the upper hand, by being able to see and make use of other SEO tactics that the company has never used before.

As much as the internet is a good place, there will always be negative and to combat the negative technology is evolving to make sure that hackers have a hard time gaining access to valuable files and data.

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