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We all like to think we are weekend warriors when it comes time to fixing things around the house. After all, why spend hundreds, if not thousands on repairs you can do yourself, right? Well, whether we like to admit it or not, there are some things you just shouldn’t do yourself. Before picking up the shifter or those needle nose pliers, use these six tips for when you shouldn’t DIY your plumbing or electrical systems.


1. OK isn’t good enough


Hot water systems can often run for years without troubles. Then, when one occurs, for some it may seem like an opportunity to get your hands dirty. However, it’s crucial to remember there are consequences for a bad job. Any electrical system such as a hot water system should only be repaired by a licensed tradesman.


Unlicensed work can carry heavy fines if it causes damage, not to mention the harm to the house. Instead of a DIY job, use a professional for your next hot water service in Melbourne. Not only is it guaranteed to be completed by a licensed tradesman, but will also remove the headache of any hefty fines.


2. Heed the warnings


When you visit your local hardware store, it can be easy to think that any product on the shelf is a DIY opportunity. It isn’t. Before purchasing any product with the intent of installing it yourself, read the warnings and ask the experts. Some electrical products will clearly advise that installation is required by a licensed professional.


If you aren’t licensed and attempt to install the product yourself, you could find yourself in serious danger. Any faulty goods installed could cause issues such as fires, and when the proper checks are done don’t count on insurance to cover that bill.


3. Water for days


In today’s ever-changing climate, a water tank is a great idea. However, before you go installing that beast by yourself, you may want to check you are legally able to do so. A water tank is effectively something you are able to buy off the ‘shelf’ and have it delivered. But installing the tank may be a different story.


Given the size and capacity, building permits can often be required. Save yourself the hassle and instead enlist the assistance of a licensed tradesman to do the heavy lifting for you. You would hate to install a water tank, trying to do the right thing, only to have to pull it out again.


4. Wired up


Most DIY websites or chat rooms will tell you that paying hundreds is foolish, and that you can do it yourself with a little reading. Some may even give some tips on how to go about the job. But beware, most tips found in these chat rooms are from individuals who have never completed a job safely in their life.


When it comes to any kind of wiring, whether it is to your home, car or an external structure, get a licensed electrician to do the work. Whether you choose to believe it or not, the old fable of wearing rubber soled shoes to protect you will not work. Don’t risk your own life and the life of those around you, get a professional to do the work.


5. Don’t dig yourself in too deep


Not often considered something that required professional help, but digging a hole can sometimes be very dangerous. If you are digging a hole to plant some new trees, then go right ahead. But if you are digging a hole to lay pipes or repair old pipes then consult a professional.


Some professionals may offer advice or supervision while you do the work, so it doesn’t have to be expensive. But what will be expensive is digging too deep and rupturing a water pipe. A professional plumber will be able to give you the lay of the land (literally) and know exactly how deep to dig.


6. Point the power this way


Many people think when moving into a new home or even living in an existing home for a while that the power points are in great positions. A lot of DIY sites will tell you how to simply move the powerpoint yourself. But beware, under most local councils laws this is illegal. Whether you want to add a new point in or move an existing one, it is the same - illegal. It is very dangerous and should only be done by a licensed professional.


We would all like to think of ourselves as handy heroes. But remembering that some jobs need to be completed by professional could save you a lot of money, and more importantly possibly your life. Before completing your next DIY project, check these 6 jobs you should never do yourself.

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