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There is probably no better way to learn about the country than to make a road trip that will allow you to see its different parts in a single journey. Still, those who decide to make such a venture around Australia need to be well prepared for such an effort. An adventure like this requires a great deal of preparation and planning, so here are several tips that might come in handy on such a voyage.

Take a few driving lessons

This step is probably something that Australian drivers who hope to learn more about their country can just skip. As for the tourists coming from abroad, you see, alongside Japan and most other British Dominions in Australia, you drive on the left side of the road and not on the right. Unfortunately, this isn’t as smooth of a transition as you might expect, which is why it might be worth your while to pay for a few driving lessons with a local instructor. You will get used to it in no time, but it is vital that you actually go through this before actually heading out into the great outdoors.

Plan your trip

Another thing you absolutely need to do is plan your trip across the Australia including every stop you intend to make. You see, the thing most Europeans aren’t accustomed to are the distances between cities in Australia. This means that getting stuck in the middle of nowhere is a real threat and you need to know at least approximately how far away you are from your next stop. Sure, you could just google this and find out, but what if your phone gets dead or you have no network connection, which is something that happens surprisingly often in Australia. In other words, this is a step of percussion you simply must take.

Make sure your car is in flawless shape

In the previous section, we discussed the hazard of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere and how too+ find a way out of this situation. Well, your safest course of action is not to allow this to happen in the first place. The best way to do so is to have your car checked by a professional mechanic before you head out on the road. Sure, you could still get a flat tyre, but this too is something you can prevent (or at least reduce the risk) by investing in four quality tyres plus one spare. When it comes to the quality-to-price ratio (seeing how you will need all five of them), Toyo tyres are probably your safest bet.

Watch out for wildlife

Finally, seeing how distances are so great, you might be tempted to travel during the night in order to reach your destination sooner. This, however, is not a good idea. You see, one of the things Australia is famous for is its incredible wildlife, still, once the night comes this becomes quite the problem. Kangaroos and emus regularly come out by the roads, which can endanger both you and the animal in question. Sure, it is possible that you will hit one during the day, but here at least you can see them coming and perhaps even get the time to react. Keep in mind, though, that your primary safety concern should be towards the people who are in the car with you and not the animal in front of you.


As you can see, while some of the tips aren’t necessarily Australia-related, like car maintenance, all of the above-listed four are something to keep in mind when planning an Australian road trip. Sure, this is a great land of primal beauty and dazzling landscapes, but in order to enjoy them to the fullest, you first need to see to your own safety. Once all of those worries are completely out of your mind, you will be able to turn towards all the great experiences that this road trip brings.

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