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Firstly, you need to identify what colour cushions you’re looking for. Look around the room that the cushions are intended for, take in the soft furnishings, art on the walls, curtains and any existing accessories, are you trying to make this room feel warm, or is this a fun area for children.

In using the colour scheme from your cushions to style each room, you can dictate the feel of each room. There is something for every mood.

A popular cushion arrangement to style is the 2-1-2 arrangement. Where there are two larger cushions in both corners, slightly smaller ones next to them, and one cushion in the middle.

Experiment with different textures, this can again have an impact on the rooms ‘feel’. In adding a harness of a texture, you can make a room feel colder, whereas adding softer textures can increase the warmth of a room

Change your cushions with the seasons. The great thing about cushions is that they are an inexpensive way to change up a room, so do this regularly and it can feel as though you have redecorated, without much effort.

Another way that you can style is to place a base cushion on each side of the couch, nestled in either corner. Working your way toward the middle, place your two medium cushions next to the base pillows so they overlap slightly.

Place your interest pillow in the centre of your couch to connect the line of cushions and complete the arrangement. This style can make your couch feel very welcoming. Keep things interesting and mix it up with cushions!

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