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Moving to a new country, city or suburb can be a tough endeavour. It can take time getting used to the new place you live in. Crossing national or even inter-state boundaries can bring about new possibilities and a variety of challenges. However, in order to make your new city feel like home, you need to put a lot of effort in and be willing to embrace new processes and experiences. Let’s face it, relocating can be jarring and frustrating, but with these tips, the process of assimilating and adapting can be a whole lot easier!

Don’t be afraid to go solo

A lot of people, particularly those getting used to a new city, seem to be afraid of doing things alone. Just because you can’t find a new friend or work colleague to hang out with doesn’t mean you should just be staying indoors. In fact, it’s the perfect reason to do just the exact opposite. Doing things alone allows you to truly take in the experience, and it also means you choose and dictate where you go. No one is going to hold you back.

Avoid cabs and embrace walking

If you truly want to embrace a new city or suburb, the worst thing you can do is hop in a cab for five minutes and sit on your phone. Take in the city by walking through it. You’ll come across some awesome niche stores, which you would have likely missed had you been in an Uber or taxi. You need to master all the practicalities of moving around the city. You’ll learn the best routes and streets to take and when to avoid public transport. Walking is the best way to breathe in all the small, finer details of your new home.

Always be planning ahead

You could be embracing your new city as best as you possibly can. However, after a while, it is easy to fall into a slump and just go with the flow. Suddenly, it will dawn on you that you haven’t left your apartment on a Saturday night in over a month. The best way to avoid this monotony is to always be planning. Make plans in advance with a work colleague or a friend to try out a restaurant you both want to try. If you can’t find someone to go with, just set aside some free time on the weekend and go solo. Keep a calendar where you can plan future engagements, while keeping a to-do list next to it. Start filling up your free time with fun new stuff to do. Start exploring a blog to find sometime fun!

Don’t try the same things

This might sound a little counter-intuitive: why would you want to not try the same things that you often did at your previous home? Well, the point is trying the things you already know and enjoy could just make you more homesick. As a result, put a temporary ban on “repeats” and embrace new things. If you like smoking and vaping, don’t go to the same e-juice provider or retailer you always go to. Instead, try a new retailer or manufacturer, like Kev's Vape.

Be realistic

No matter how much fun you are having, it’s important for you to be realistic. There will be times when you feel homesick and a sense of disconnection. Adjusting takes time, no matter how outgoing and savvy you are. What is crucial is that you make the most of where you are and to be reminding yourself that things will get better. At the end of the day, “home” is a feeling not a place. What you need to be doing is trying to create that same sense of “home” at your new place. Embrace these new experiences and, above all else, be willing to try and explore new things.

The same concept can be applied to other things, like food and restaurants. Don’t just go to the national chain that you always went to in your old suburb or city. You’ll never be able to discern which store or outlet will become your new favourite takeaway restaurant if you don’t try and broaden your horizons.

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