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How to Take Advantage of the Rustic Home Niche

In real estate, it’s common to focus on a niche to help you expand your client list and also garner more attention. It also helps to specialize in a niche because it allows you to develop your skills and create better homes that have a better chance of selling. However, taking advantage of this can be difficult if you don’t know where to start or what niche to pick.

To help illustrate this point and give you some ideas, we’re going to talk about the rustic home niche in this article. As technology advances and our homes are becoming more modern with neutral colour palettes and technology integrated into everything from our fridges to our heating systems, many potential homeowners yearn for a more traditional take on housing.

So without further ado, let’s explore how you can take advantage of the rustic home niche and develop new properties that target a highly specific audience.

Remembering older appliances

Some old appliances, such as fireplaces, aren’t seen as often in homes anymore because they’ve been phased out for more conventional heating methods such as radiators or a central air conditioning system. This means that fireplaces aren’t as highly sought-after unless you’re in the market for a niche rustic home. Sadly, installing a traditional fireplace is difficult and the home needs to be built to support it.

Thankfully, there are modern ways to add a fireplace to a home now. You can learn more about modern fireplaces that still require wood and consider how they can be added to your existing properties or a new development that you’re planning in the future. In short, remember older appliances and try to incorporate them into your home one way or another.

Modern takes on traditional construction

Modern homes used to contain a lot of brick. This gave them a sturdy quality and made them feel traditional and rustic. However, bricks are expensive and heavy to work with, and modern buildings try to avoid their use. However, there are plenty of modern ways to get a rustic-looking home that pays homage to older construction methods.

For instance, if you want to add a brick wall to your home (such as in the bathroom or as a backdrop for a rustic kitchen) then you can use brick slips instead of full-sized bricks. They can easily be installed with some adhesive (much like tiles), they’re less expensive and they’re nowhere near as heavy. Yet despite those advantages, they have very few disadvantages and do a great job of adding a rustic touch to your properties. The use of wood is also a rustic trait and you can try things such as adding more wooden shelving to a kitchen, using wooden tables with a weathered look or even wooden flooring.

Property niches are easy to take advantage of if you understand the audience. For rustic homes, you’re trying to create a dream-like property that celebrates traditional decor and construction and doesn’t necessarily mean removing modern comforts such as central heating or smart home appliances.

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