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A clean work environment is one of the best ways to stimulate your employees to do their best. It improves their sense of well-being and can help prevent staff from getting ill. It’s also a reputational thing. Making sure your cleaning staff is well supervised and equipped to do a good job is essential, making sure they are regularly trained and do their work with respect to the office and business you are in. Sometimes, training, scheduling, buying supplies, etc. is too much for a company to consider next to running their business. That’s why you might need to go external and find commercial cleaning, for example. An external specialist will take away all the little things headaches that come with business cleaning, so you can focus on

running your business.

Let There Be Light

A good amount of natural light is critical for people to feel good. This goes doubly for office workers. If someone is working in a room that is entirely devoid of any natural light, try moving this person to another location with natural light. If this is not possible, then try to find ways to make sure the people working in those rooms get plenty of opportunities to get up and move around the office, or even go outside. Sunlight is an important factor in maintaining people’s well-being and therefore, motivation. Treat it like a valuable resource that should be equally shared!

Private Time

Access to well-maintained bathrooms that obviously will fulfill basic needs, but also go a little bit beyond. No one enjoys the back-to-school type stalls, the ones where you could potentially peek under and above. Any business that installs these type of stalls might as well say: “you deserve the same as 12-year-old kids!” Think grown-up toilets with proper walls and doors. Make sure you don’t make it feel cheap or mass-produced but spend some money, making it feel like bathroom time is genuinely just a private moment. Go beyond by offering some simple necessities in the bathroom, like lovely smelling soap, maybe some hair gel and hairspray, some painkillers if needed. It’s a tiny expense compared to the appreciation your workers will feel.

Coffee Craze

Good coffee, tea, and water facilities. Nothing says “company that doesn’t care about you” than not offering these facilities to your employees. At the very least offer nice cooled water at walking distance from everyone. You could up it a bit, by also offering fruit, cucumbers, etc. that people can add to their water to make it less dull. Water is a good start, but we all know people run on coffee. This might be a bit of an investment because a good coffee machine means beans, milk (for fancy coffees), and maintenance. It’s not going to be cheap, but every company knows that coffee is the fuel people run on. So, don’t skimp and get your employees good machines and beans. Don’t go down the route some companies take: charging per coffee cup. If your employees are already considering leaving, that would be the last straw.

Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash

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