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External Business Considerations

If your business is based outside or at least partly outside you need to give it a certain degree of consideration. Examples could be a taxi company who keeps its cars outside, or a builders site who keeps their machinery outside. There are all different kinds of examples. It could be an on site car park, or maybe you run a garden centre. You need to ensure your business stays secure at all times, especially overnight when there is nobody else left in your business premises. There are certain ways to achieve this, some are more extreme than others yet all work in some way or the other. You need to find out which suits you best and go ahead. Perhaps it is a mixture of a few or just the one. Whatever the case, these tips can help you get the right idea.

Set A Perimeter

A perimeter clearly marks what you own off from public roads or another kind of company. You can either construct an additional building to mark this which is also an extension of your business. It is a more extreme way to go about things but it surely works wonders. Or, a more accessible way to establish a perimeter is to use some sort of fencemakers fencing contractors. The value of the things you keep outside should dictate how much you spend on your perimeter. You should be asking yourself how high it should be, wood or metal, are you going to need some kind of barbed wire atop the fence to ensure thieves can’t climb over? Previous experiences could lend you some knowhow here. Go with what you think best and remember, you are actually protecting your livelihood so go all out here.


It has been around for a long time now. CCTV acts as a deterrent and can also be given to police and to help catch anyone who has in some way wronged you. You can now get CCTV that is motion activated, so you don’t have to trawl through hours to get to where you want. You can even get footage sent to your smartphone so you can keep an eye on everything that goes on.

Guard Dog

Everyone has heard about the old junkyard dog moniker. They are probably the best deterrent you can use. As long as you get them trained in a proper manner. You don’t want them being overly aggressive or they will attack and scare anyone that walks on by and you could end up in trouble and having to get one of the dogs put down. Again, a great deterrent, but measure the potential issues against their effectiveness.

Night Watchman

If things get serious and you really feel like your business is at some kind of risk, then hiring a night watchman can do the trick. The only issue is that they are quite expensive, so only you can make the call whether you need one or not. They come in different categories of quality too, so you can pay for what you think is needed. Having someone physically on the premises is the best form of deterrent and they could call the police with ease or in some cases apprehend the vandals or thieves themselves.

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