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Lotto is a game of winning money. It is an origin game in the UK. So, it's referred to as the United Kingdom's national lottery. It was created in 1994, and the game continues to grow.

While playing lotto, the balls that will determine how you win depend. In most cases like the UK's lotto, they are 59 balls. However, these balls are also divided into ten and colored different. Each series of 10 numbers will have a similar color.

While participating in a draw, you need to choose six balls. These are numbers that will determine whether you have won the lottery prize.

On the other hand, from the 59 balls, they will extract six balls. They will also add a 7th ball that will be a representative of the bonus amount.

On each bet ticket that you buy, it will also be used in the participation of Millionaire Raffle without extra coin. Besides, UK citizens can play Euromillions. So, you can be represented freely in the physical administration.

While playing lotto, you can expect the following categories:

Category one

In this category, it's where you will guess six numbers that are in the extracted combination.

Category two

In this category, you have to guess five numbers and a bonus ball. The prize you will win will be estimated depending on the main prize. For example, you can win even 50,000 pounds.

Category three

In this type of category, you are supposed to guess five numbers. For the prize, you can win even 1,000 pounds.

Category four

In this category, when you can hit four numbers correctly, they are the price. For example, you can get 100 pounds.

Category five

If you guess three correct numbers, expect for a prize. You can, therefore, get a prize, for example, 25 pounds.

Category six

It is the last category of winning something in the lotto. So, by hitting two correct numbers, you can be awarded a free lotto ticket.

How you should play lotto

It is an easy game that you can play and win a lot of bucks from the wide choice of international lotteries. When you are ready, open an account through a website offering lotto services like tickets.

After creating an account, you can start making your predictions and bets. When you do so, proceed to make payments for the tickets.

While registering an account, it's an easy task. The steps are simple and will only need a few minutes.

For example, if you are using Lotto UK, you will view five blocks inside the accounts. These blocks or columns have numbered boxes starting with 1 and ending at 59 respectively. So, in these columns, you have to choose only six numbers from your first column that will represent one ticket while making a single bet.

If interested in playing more columns, you can see up to five blocks or columns. However, you can click the box you see written "more line" and get the ability to buy many tickets as you wish.

When you are done, proceed to make your payments. However, it's a must you pay to continue. However, you can play as much you want and win as much you wish.

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