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If you’re gambling online these days, you probably have two goals in mind; find online casinos you can trust and win as much money as possible.

You really can’t enjoy one without the other. I mean, you can win a bunch of money at a blacklisted casino, but you’ll probably never actually see it. And you certainly can play at good casinos and never win a dime.

Ideally, though, the two go hand in hand.

The best way to maximize both would be to find betting sites you know are reliable and tap into their bonuses so you can make extra cash. Whether it be a signup bonus, deposit bonus or bonuses based on how much you play, there’s nothing wrong with free money.

The trick, of course, is actually finding it. Here are a few tips for locating the best online casino bonuses:

Hit up the Best Online Casinos

You probably have a list of online casinos you play at or want to play at. Feel free to start with those and visit each site’s bonus and promotions page.

Most websites will issue some type of sign up or deposit bonus, while their bonus pages will tell you everything you need to know for all other bonuses and promotions they offer.

Don’t just stop at the sites you use or know about right now. Searching for more sites to gamble at does two things at once; finds you more bonuses and builds a rolodex of reliable sites to bet at.

Once you find the best online casinos, the top bonuses and promotions will follow.

Do a Google Search

One great way to conduct that search is to hit up Google or your favorite search engine.

Using search strings like “best casino bonuses”, “best gambling bonuses” and the like can quickly land you on the right site with the bonus just for you.

Just be careful where you click and which sites you actually deposit money on. Not every site ranked highly in search engines is worth trusting, so vet each site before you actually conduct any business.

Read Reviews

Using search engines and perusing different betting sites will have you stumbling on a lot of good online casino reviews.

Some of these reviews are going to be biased, but if you look long enough you’ll find some reputable websites that are going to tell you exactly what you need to know.

Even the sites that are a little biased will still tell you which online casinos offer bonuses. Reading these reviews and collecting this extra information will show you to the best bonuses, but it will also grade the sites you’re considering betting on.

In one move, you’re finding reliable online casinos you can trust and comparing the bonuses and promotions they all have to offer.

Search Social Media

Don’t stop your hunt for casino bonuses at the search engine.

Social media can be an extremely underrated tool for searching for information, with Twitter, Facebook and other social sites offering free and largely unbiased information for you to soak up.

You will certainly need to watch out for scams and any kind of bias out there, but for the most part you’re running into real, live fellow gamblers. These people tend to look out for each other, as nobody wants to get burned by bad casinos and sharing the wealth with bonuses can be good, both for user referrals and for online betting karma.

Whether you find online casinos promoting bonuses directly on social media or stumble upon users commenting on gambling pages, there is a ton of information out there that you may not find anywhere else.

Ask Gamblers in Forums

Just about all of the information you’re going to acquire on casino bonuses is going to be thanks to your own dedicated searches. However, the more intense the search process is, the better the feel you’ll have for sites and their offerings.

One last great way to accrue as much information as possible is to hit up some of the best online gambling forums. Much like on social media and review sites, the people here are fellow gamblers that are trying to win money, but also looking out for their brothers and sisters in the online betting realm.

You can search the forums for specific bonus questions and information, or simply submit fresh posts asking questions about various sites and bonuses. One way or another, you’re bound to get some answers and perhaps you’ll make some online friends along the way.

Time and effort typically precede great online casino bonuses. Unless you’re already signed up at the best sites, you’ll need to do a little digging.

The good news is the bonuses are there to be had. There are plenty of them and there’s even some that don’t take forever to tap into.

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