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Gaming tends to get a bad rep among some communities who see it as something that makes children more violent and less social. However, extensive research has been done on these issues and while gaming isn’t without its potential pitfalls, there’s no denying the facts when it comes to its ability to relieve stress.

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious from the large workloads and responsibilities that come with running a business. Many once successful entrepreneurs have fallen into the trap of finding less sustainable ways to deal with their stresses (see: Wolf of Wall Street.)

So, what can an entrepreneur do to positively eliminate stress? As it turns out, gaming is a great way to unwind and detach yourself from the obligations of running a company. Let’s take a look at the research and find out which types of games are best for us.

What Research Tells Us

Significant research has been done on video games and their supposed link to violent behavior. What we’ve learned is that video games in fact do not result in aggression, nor do they create problems in academic behavior, work behavior or social life. Studies done on players who game competitively found that it actually resulted in lower stress levels.

Additionally, no negative feelings were reported towards players of the opposing team, while higher feelings of regard were shown towards players in the same team. This tells us that video games can also provide positive social experiences, contrary to what many people believe.

Another survey done on frequent gamers found that gaming could act as a coping tool towards stress recovery. Even if the game puts you in a stressful situation, this exposure to strain ignites a “recovery experience” that results in lower stress levels after a gaming session.

Finally, a survey done on people who experienced work-related fatigue and stress in daily life found that gaming was often used as a tool for recovery. Participants who had a more emotion-focused coping style were particularly fond of using video games as a means of relieving stress.

Casual Gaming

Casual games are defined as something that doesn’t require a significant time or effort investment. It can be a mobile or browser game that includes short matches, simple challenges and the ability to stop at any moment. Japanese casino games are a great example of this. You can get started at to get an idea of what this involves. These also can help reduce stress.

Cooperative Gaming

Games where you play in a team, whether it’s online or with friends at home, are both comforting and empowering. They allow you to involve yourself in a world that’s separate from ours and enjoy it with other people. Because you’re helping one another in the game, it also acts as a great way to improve your problem-solving skills.


While gaming is a great way to escape the stresses of work life, we must emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and its impact on stress. Don’t forget to exercise, get plenty of sleep and don’t feel bad for taking a break when you need one.

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