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Sports Betting: The Do's And Don'ts

If there’s one thing the Aussie’s know how to do well, it’s sports. From cricket to Australian-rules football, sport is a thriving culture that filters right down into the schools, with a huge part of the curriculum focused on physical education. When the big teams play, it’s difficult to stay out of the atmosphere and sheer adrenaline that seems to pump through the towns. This is even more prevalent when you place a bet on your favourite team to win

Lovers of AFL (Aussie rules football), cricket, Rugby League, soccer and Rugby Union have a huge choice in front of them when it comes to placing bets on their beloved teams. As popular as sports are, betting is even more popular. There are some excellent Australian pokies sites and gambling sites just ready for the user to take a punt on their team. You could be sitting in the local pub with a cold pint, or right in the thick of the action with tickets bought from The Ticket Merchant, the adrenaline is there and it’s fun! But gambling, as we all know, can spiral out of control. Understanding the do’s and don’ts of sports betting can put you in a position to have a flutter, have fun and do so safely.


Use reputable sites for online football bets. The last thing you need when you’re joining in the excitement is to get ripped off and lose your money. With so many sites online, always check that they are registered with the right gambling organisations.

Set yourself a budget. Don’t wave the dollars around when you are gambling. It’s a flutter, not a chance for you to bed down your life savings on the AFL! You’ll also save yourself the worry of going too far with your bet.

Take the bonuses. If you sign up for a football bet site that has great rewards such as matching your bet, you’ll be playing smartly online.

Live bet. Trying live betting will give you a huge advantage. You have a bigger range of betting opportunity doing it live.


Chase your losses. Upping your stakes more and more just means you’re going to get trapped in a cycle of losses. You’ll be chasing the never-never by wanting the money back you lost. Keep to your budget that you’ve planned and accept that part of the game is losing.

Get greedy. While it may feel good to have a run of wins, don’t keep playing all your winnings. Have a couple of sensible bets and stick to them, resisting the temptation to keep going.

Drink and dollar. Drinking impairs judgement so if you log into you online sports betting account with alcohol in the system, you’re far more likely to be frivolous and overly extravagant with your cash. Be sensible; don’t drink and down pay!

Placing a bet on your favourite team can be part of the spirit of football, but keeping control is key and you need to be vigilant on what you spend! Good luck!

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