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Australia’s largest caravan hire and RV sharing community, Camplify, is connecting thousands of holidaymakers with RV owners to create dream holidays. On top of this, investing in a caravan and listing it on Camplify is getting many of our RV owners some impressive returns. But how do these stack up against traditional investment options?

To do a comparison, we used the Australian Stock Exchange and Russell Investments’ report:‘2015 Long-term Investing Report’, which provides an averaged overview of investment types from the last 10 years. The highest return on average was 7.8% for Global Shares (hedged) before tax. Not bad, right? The residential market also performed well for investors at 7%.

This is great, but what about RVs? We worked out a $40,000 RV financed over five years (incl. insurance, rego, maintenance, fit-out) hired for 80 nights at $80/night returned the following:

That’s a 30% return – impressive, yes? There are various factors to consider, of course, however if you have been thinking about purchasing a caravan and want to become an expert owner with Camplify, we can assist you to achieve numbers like this.

What does Camplify provide to its owners?

  • A full insurance solution

  • An industry best solution for peer-to-peer sharing and verified hiring members

  • Free roadside assistance with every hire

  • Advanced marketing techniques to drive potential Holidaymakers to your listing

  • Support from our team and an ever-improving technology solution

Many of our owners are very successful in achieving great returns via our Camplify platform so if you are considering an investment, consult a financial advisor, and talk to our team for some insights to assist you.

Wait, we didn’t mention the best part! Hiring out your caravan for 80 days a year leaves 285 days for you to enjoy it. Now that’s what Camplify is all about!

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