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Earning money and then spending is not easy as drawing shapes it. To earn money, one practically lets down his ego and works for different other people, gets tired, works as much as possible. These sufferings then result in earning a handsome amount of money which has always been a necessity for people to live. Many countries lack job opportunities and even their literate people wander around and live below the poverty line.

Therefore, if a man earns more than he wishes he should not just randomly spend on worthless things. He should make clever decisions to spend on something. Many things and their prices vary according to the shop/market place whilst the fabric, stuff, material is the same and many times cheaper in bigger markets. But people spend blindly and then regret. This can be avoided if a person thinks twice before spending. There are many other ways a person can make better money decisions intelligently, mentioned below.

The first thing before getting started with the money related decisions is the credit score. The credit score is the numerical representation of what a person owns, borrows, pays in form of bills and taxes, etc. credit score specifically talks about the money one has in his credit card and ranking of credit scores starts from 300-850 making them poor to excellent. Credit score gets affected by the credit history defined by transactions, recent credit and credit limit, etc.

Below are intelligent money decisions

1. Savings

In contemporary times especially at a young age, people tend to spend more than save. Savings are the ultimate way to use in the times of downtown and to fulfill the big dreams. Dreaming big is not bad, but just dreaming and saving nothing for it is worse. People should save from their daily spending and can count it either monthly or annually to spend on worth spending product. If a person wants a certain company phone and he has no money, saving then lending will be best. Saving money proves that a person has good financial responsibility sense. He can uplift his living standard if faced downtown at any time.

2. Reduce borrowing habit

People sometimes have a bad habit of borrowing from other people even for smaller things. This can happen if a person does not have any amount of savings. People who share their success stories have prominently mentioned reduced borrowing and ultimately ending it. If someone has no money, simply, he can avoid a certain thing for e certain time. He/she may buy a certain amount that is affordable rather than borrowing money.

3. Paying off the debts

Paying off the debts can be the most respectful habit of a living person. It makes a person honest in front of others. If a person has a debt to pay off, the best ages are 20-30’s. Sometimes people in their middle age borrow money due to certain purposes. But whatever the reason was, whenever there is financial stability, the first step should be to pay off whatever was borrowed first.

While the other most important point is that people are more likely to pay debts that were gained as mortgage while credit card bills etc. are considered as a burden. Because there is nothing out of it remains after paying credit card bills back, while mortgage return grants valuable assets. The most important step in this regard can be to borrow whenever it is a need and not just a desire. Following desires more than needs can make a person financially poor.

Additionally, debt should wisely be managed along with the monthly income. Not everything can be given (to pay off debt) and not everything can be avoided (to increase the interest rate to the worse).

4. Search the market before spending

Shopping is all about searching for the desirable thing at reasonable prices one can easily afford. Shopping can be of anything starting from clothes, accessories, house-hold things, etc. before buying a certain product from a market, a person should spend considerable time searching for its quality and quantity too. Money should never be blindly spent without searching for the product alternatives one can have.

5. Investment

Investment in trendy and evergreen business is fruitful for moneymaking. This is one of the clever ways to invest in real estate, stock market, etc. to have considerable benefit out of it. Sometimes if taken a shot at a good time with the perfect choice, the investment can get doubles in the form of profit. The investment cannot be huge always; it can get started from small amounts of money too. People of a young age can also invest in their relative fields. And young age investment can give them the best learning experience to get prepared for professionalism.

6. Career

With the money a person has, the career should be chosen wisely. A person can start his own business, do a job or anything suitable to him. Opting careers can also make a person ready for professional life hence wiser to think where to spend and where to avoid.

7. Renting

There are some things available in the market from which a person not just personally but professionally can get huge benefits. Private flying jet, Jet Ski or video recording drone camera, professional DSLR, etc. cannot only make a person’s life experiences memorable but others too. The services that are of these devices, rides, etc. can be rented out to make money. This is the most intelligent decision with regards to money. Renting a treehouse, beach house, café, club, bar, hotel, and restaurant anything can significantly add to the pocket money of the person. Despite selling all over, renting is a longer and reliable way of earning money.

8. Avoiding show off

Some people buy unnecessarily just to show off in front of family, cousins, and relatives, etc. this is neither a sensible behavior nor a clever decision with regards to money. Money, as described above, needs to be spending where it is necessary. Otherwise, it should be saved for the hard times that can hit a person anytime and anywhere. Buying, for example, a car, heavy bike, jet, etc. if not is a need and is just a way to stand in the family and show how much money one has is none other than stupidity.


There have been described many money-related decisions one can opt for to get profit out of it. Whoever earns the money and whatever the amount is, if hard work has been done, no one would want it to get wasted. At a young age, people choose certain things that are worse because of a show-off habit and bad for their savings. Whenever it is money, purchasing, dealing and even career should be chosen wisely. Necessity should be prioritized over desires.


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