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The secret agents you need to get to know

The tech world flits through thousands of formats, apps and terms as the years go by. As the poster child for the rapid pace of modern life, the online arena gives rise to more jargon and tech-speak, concepts and constructs than NASA’s deep space programme! From the early days of the young Bill Gates and the first version of Windows, things sure have bulked up somewhat!

Some things haven’t lost value, however, as they came about as some of the fundamental building blocks of life online. SEO hasn’t changed. Business writers were punting SEO twenty years ago. It’s as relevant today as it ever was. Indeed, even more so. It’s moved up from being an “Oh, of course!” realisation to becoming a baseline necessity for anyone online. Social media may enjoy billions of users, but it’s still social media. Not to be discounted as an income generator, it has, more than anything online, grabbed its seat in the house and been there ever since. But the direct flow of online business still centers on your site presenting well, being seen, and attracting custom.

To this day, nothing beats ranking in SERPs (search engine results pages). An entire industry is centered on optimising your traffic. Working behind the scenes, jostling and counting and persistently making you more and more visible online, is what these secret agents do. If you own a brewery, do you have to grow and harvest the cereal grains that ferment for your brew? No. A business owner has always had to work more on their business than in their business. Likewise, in this electronic age, do you have to learn the intricate algorithms and other tech of search engines in order to rank your site and finally get the traffic you were always after? No. Commission an agency. A quick search online will bring up those most capable and competent, like a self-fulfilling prophesy. All the modern online business owner has to do, is appoint an agency to enable the real rewards of ecommerce, or even simply an online presence that extrapolates into land-based sales.

Your site is the lure. SEO is the hand winding the reel, dragging that glittering delight across the warm, infinite waters of commerce, tempting every fish to bite.

Contact a leading Melbourne SEO agency to get your online presence paying you what you expect it to; why, when and how you want it to.

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