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As you probably know, supporting a charity is great for your business. You can show everyone how much you care and that you're willing to back up your espoused values with action. You can support a charity in a number of ways, from donating some of your profits to sponsoring fundraising events. However you choose to connect your business to a particular cause or charity, you probably want ways to tell people about the good work you're doing. There are a number of methods you can use to let your customers and others know about what your business does to make the world better.

Put It on Your Website

Creating a story around your involvement with a certain cause or charity is a great idea. And one of the best places for stories about your brand is your website. You have the opportunity to dedicate a whole page to talking about why and how you help your chosen cause. You could also put a short paragraph in a footer that appears on each page, so it's always there to read as visitors are browsing. Perhaps you might also remind people as they check out with their shopping cart and maybe even ask them to make a donation.

Wear and Sell Badges, Pins or Patches

Showing that your staff support your cause and encouraging your customers to do so too is another option. You can ask your staff to wear pins or badges for the charity your business supports. You can also sell them or even give them away with purchases. If you want to make some custom pins, a service like The Pin Factory can help you out. When you sell them, you can make sure that the profits go towards the cause you support. It's a small but effective way to boost the funds you raise and increase awareness.

Make It Clear in Advertising and Marketing Materials

Whenever you produce new adverts or marketing materials, you can include a message about the charity you support. That could mean simply placing their logo in a prominent position on your leaflets or other print materials. Many brands create whole advertising campaigns focused on the charities that they help, or even that they have set up themselves. Other times it's easy to include a page or so of information about your charitable efforts. If you look in an IKEA brochure, you'll find information about the ways they help to support refugees, for example.

Put It on All Your Products

If you make or package your own products, you can also advertise your charity support with them. You might put the logo of the charity you support on your product packaging and perhaps mention that a certain percentage of each purchase goes towards them. This method will help to spread the message wider and clearly show your connection to your chosen charity.

If your business supports a charity, don't hide it or fail to promote it. You'll help both the charity and your business by talking about it.

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