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When your car breaks down or has been in an accident, one of the immediate decisions for you to make is: how to have your vehicle towed? While it can be tempting to attempt a DIY tow, we strongly advise against it – and for good measure. While towing a car might look easy, it’s far more nuanced and requires practice and skill. And finding a good towing company that provides Cheap Towing is easier than you think. Towing Sydney provides the top 3 reasons why you should avoid DIY car towing.

Here’s Why You Should Steer Clear of DIY Towing

You risk damaging your vehicle

If you don’t have the right equipment or the necessary knowledge about towing, you can end up damaging the vehicle. Tow trucks are made to handle the weight of another vehicle. They come with specialised engines, axles, frames and hooks to tow a car without causing any damage. On the contrary, when you use a vehicle that is not specifically designed for heavy lifting for towing, you run the risk of damaging either your car or the vehicle used for towing – or both!

You risk breaking the law

Do you know all the road rules and regulations that apply for towing? Each state has its own set of rules when it comes to towing. From how to make a turn to how fast you can drive, there are a number of laws that govern towing. These laws are put in place to keep our roads safe and so should be followed diligently. If you are not aware of the laws that apply or are not a 100% confident that you can carry out a towing job without breaking the law inadvertently, then it’s best to hire a reliable professional towing service to do it for you.

You risk causing an accident

Pulling a non-working vehicle is a lot more difficult that it looks. When towing a car, you need to be in full control, ensuring you do not make any sudden movements while braking or making a turn. If you mess up, you don’t just risk damaging your vehicle or the towing vehicle, but your miscalculation or wrong move could even result in an accident that causes damage to another vehicle on road, putting someone’s life in danger.

Don’t take your car’s safety, your own or the safety of others on the road for granted. When your car needs to be towed, whether it’s because of an accident or as a result of a breakdown, make sure you call a professional Vehicle Towing Sydney service to handle the job. They will have your car towed in a safe and secure manner in the fastest possible time.



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