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If and when you find your self in a position where you would like to see the world and immigrate to another country, there are many different channels through which you could achieve your goal. There are obviously those who are forced to move for reasons beyond their control, but for most others, who are not looking for refugee status on the other side, there are a number of angles and options available. Naturally these depend to some extent on the country to which you want to move, but generally speaking the options are the same, even if the requirements are different. Here are a few things to consider when looking to apply for a visa to relocate permanently from one country to another.

Special Skills

What skills do have in terms of training and work experience? If you have a degree or you are an expert in your field, it could well be that there are countries looking for what you can offer. The nice thing here is that the special skills needed in one country might be completely different to those required in another. Perhaps you are a teacher in a country where the number of qualified teachers outstrips the demand for them. Spend some time looking for a country that is trying to attract teachers to its shores and make contact. Let’s say that you wanted to move to Australia then an internet search on a term like ‘190 visa migration agent Adelaide’ should yield the right people to talk to. They would be able to advise what skills are considered special in Australia and they would be able to help you initiate the process. Obviously having the right skills is an important thing here and if you do see emigration as an option in your future, then plan accordingly when you study.


A simpler way to qualify for a move to another country is to seek out the ancestral route. Lots of nations allow the descendants of their former citizens to return, sometimes generations after they left. Countries, mainly European, that aggressively sought to colonize the world, have a track-record for welcoming back the grand-children of the people who went out many years previously and places like the United Kingdom and Ireland will entertain visa or even passports to allow you to return. So, look at your lineage and perhaps you will find an opportunity there.


If you are in a position to make a substantial investment into the economy of another country, they will almost certainly welcome you to their shores with open arms. What constitutes a substantial investment varies from country to country, so again, this is an area where some research will be required. It is also an area where things like exchange rates and purchasing power at your new destination will have to be factored in. You might be a millionaire where you live at the moment, but once you convert your local money into the currency at the destination it could be worth a whole lot less. So, weigh up the options before you rush in, and again, if you think that the investment route is your best way into another country, then start saving today.

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