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Make this year the year of medical resolutions

March is upon us and we are already starting to move towards 2020. Resolutions have no doubt been made, and in many instances probably broken already. Life goals, financial goals, fitness and work goals are the things that tend to dominate the lists of those people that make resolutions, but health is very important as well and it is an area of our lives that we often tend to forget about. Health concerns are only flagged when we are ill, we tend not to be very proactive about them. But we are here to tell you that you need to put them onto your radar and focus on being, and staying, healthy. Here are a few areas that are easy to look after: add them to your list of resolutions.


We all grew up knowing that a visit to the dentist was something that was meant to happen approximately once every six months. It was drilled into us from an early age. And, although we probably don’t go as often as we were told to, we still go often. There are many other areas of the body that also need to be looked at frequently. Private parts, particularly if you female, there are areas that need to be checked out often. Most women don’t go to the doctor often enough and in many cases, they won’t even have a doctor. A simple internet search for something like ‘Melbourne gynaecologist’ should yield enough results to chose from. It is not hard to find a good doctor. Make an appointment for a pap smear and an examination to make sure that there is nothing sinister going on downstairs.


The sun is not our friend. It can do horrible things to our skin and its effects need to be checked out on a regular basis. Skin takes a battering and as we get older it shows natural signs of wear and tear. But what is okay and what is potentially malignant? This is something that needs to be checked out by a doctor, so make an appointment with a dermatologist and get your moles mapped. It is quick and painless and, if nothing else, it will bring you peace of mind.

What you looking at?

The eyes are the windows to the soul, but they are also the lenses through which we view the world. Your eyes change over the years and you need to have them checked regularly. If you are meant to be wearing glasses but you are not you can do serious harm to your eyes. So, don’t sit around until you are forced to camp on top of your monitor in order to read what is on the screen, get your eyes checked and make sure that any health corrective measures that need to be taken are done timeously and well. An optometrist won’t just check on things like long and short-sightedness, but they will also look for glaucoma and cataracts and other more sinister things.