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Best Method to Deep Clean Your Natural Fabric Couch

Couches are an integral part of your home decor, and obviously, you want them to keep as clean as new. Couches are the place where you leisure after the long hectic day. You watch movies on them, complementing with your favourite drinks and snack. And at times, you may also enjoy quick naps on them. But, with the regular use, the couches become a big heap of dirt, food particles, allergens, sweat, dead skin cells, bacteria and what not. Also, at times, your couches also have to face spills which over the time become tough stains. Your couches give you a lot of love and comfort without any complaint, but don’t you think they also should be given the care they deserve. That’s why the experts insist homeowners to keep the couches and sofas cleaned.

Natural Fibre Couch looks beautiful in the home. But they are also most prone to dirt buildup, spills and stains. Thus, we have brought you the best ways to deep clean your natural fabric couch.


Deep Cleaning Method for Natural Fabric Couch


Determine The Type of Your Couch Fabric


Before actually starting the process of couch cleaning on your own, the first thing you need to do is to check for the couch fabric. Couches today come in a range of varieties and designs, along with which you get a tag that describes you about the fabric type and right cleaning method. The symbol on the tag will help you do couch fabric identification. The symbols on the couch tag would be W, S, SW, X.


W- This means the couch can be cleaned using water or steam.

S- The couch fabric can be cleaned using solvent-based material

SW- This symbol says the couch can be cleaned using solvent and water both.

X- Should only be vacuumed.


Prepare Your Couch For Cleaning


Now before jumping directly to cleaning, your couch needs preparations. Brush your couch with the clean white towel or cloth for the removal of embedded dirt and debris inside the fabric seams. Brush all the pieces of upholstery, this will also help loosen the dried-up stains. Always use clean white towel or cloth for brushing your upholstery instead of coloured cloth. You can also use the stiff bristle brush to loosen dirt and stains.


Or you can simply vacuum the couch using upholstery attachment, so it can suck the dirt from all the nooks and crannies.


Couch Deep Cleaning


Once your couch is groomed and ready for deep cleaning, take the next step which is the most important one.


  • Sprinkle your sofa with a good amount of baking soda.

  • If the sofa is badly stained and dirty, mix the baking soda with a high-quality carpet cleaning solution.

  • Let the baking soda sit on the couch for about 20-60 minutes, depending upon how dirty the sofa was.

  • At the end remove the baking soda from the couch with the help of vacuum using the brush attachment.


Baking Soda is a magical ingredient that removes the bad and stale smell from the fabric and also helps in breaking down the stains.


Treat Stains


Once deep cleaning is done, inspect your couch closely to check if there are any stains left. If yes, then you can use a commercial spot cleaning solution. Before applying the stain remover directly onto the fabric, make sure you do a patch test on the hidden area of your upholstery. If discolouration does not happen, go ahead with the cleaning process. Dip a washcloth into the solution and dab the stained areas until the stain vanishes.


Get The Amazing Results


Once the upholstery cleaning and stain remover process is done, give your coach ample time to get dry. This is the right and safest cleaning method, that you can use to clean your couches everytime they need a touchup. Besides, this method, you can also call the professionals for upholstery cleaning services.


Hire the Professional Help


If you are stuck up in a busy schedule and do not get the time to do a proper care, you can consider hiring the professional upholstery cleaning services. As the professionals know all the right ways to restore the original condition of your couch and derive you the desired results.



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