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Tips for making your house burglar proof

For anyone living in a house the idea that there could be a burglary, or a home invasion, is always a concern. If not one that is constantly at the forefront of the mind, then it is still something at the back of most people’s minds. It is not a nice thing to have to deal with, but there are ways to think smart and plan wisely that go a long way towards reducing the prospect of anything bad happening. Here are a few simple ideas to help make your home more secure without having to break the bank or turn your home into a prison.

Visible security

Make sure that if you are making use of the services of an armed response company or some type of community policing, that they are committed to being highly visible. Armed response is great, but it is a reactionary response to a situation. Proper security is first and foremost about prevention and visible policing is something that acts as a deterrent. So, if you are looking to work with a security company find out the extent to which they do patrols Sydney, Perth, Brisbane or Melbourne should all have good options.

Use nature

Plants are a great way to secure your property. A fence or a wall might feel like great security but the ease with which they can be scaled is alarming. A hedge of thorns however is just not worth it for the average burglar. The problem with hedges is that they take a while to grow, so initially they are not much good at all. But plan smartly, water regularly and it won’t be long before you have an impenetrable yet beautiful barrier to entry. It is also worth mentioning that if you have vulnerable windows or entry points that they can be shored up through the use of things like roses.


Bees might sound like a strange thing to keep on your property, but they are a very effective deterrent. Not only do they produce honey, which is a benefit that has nothing to do with security, beehives can also be tethered to trip wires. The result of an intruder tripping over the wire and pulling the beehive over is a deterrent that cannot be underestimated. Burglars are nervous at the best of time, they want to minimise the unknown and deal with situations that are familiar. Beehives are not something they are familiar with and the prospect of running afoul of bees is not with the risk. Interestingly bees as security were pioneered on farms and in areas where baboons and monkeys are unwanted pests.

Boundary walls

Walls are good, but probably not in the way that you think they are. Walls demarcate your boundary and that is all they are good for. They are easy to scale if they are three feet tall or three meters high. What they do though is make it clear where your property starts and ends. Properties that don’t have a clear boundary fence allow for intruders to walk onto the property to ‘have a look’. If discovered, they can say they are looking for a person or for a tap to get water – whatever their excuse they will have one. If not discovered, they can continue to snoop till they find something of value. What a wall does it make it clear that they are trespassing. The ‘just looking’ story ceases to hold water if they are clearly where they should not be.

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