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Managing the lighting in your house

There was a time, not too long ago, when the lighting inside a house was the domain of a single light-bulb per room. Typically hung in the centre of the room it was either on or it was off and that was the end of the story. The light was usually covered by some sort of shade, its level of fancy determined by budget. But that was a decade or so ago and the level of sophistication through which light is managed has advanced significantly. Obviously, lights are still an integral part of the solution, but these days there is so much more in the mix as well – some of it electric, some of it done through other means. So, if you are looking to decorate a house or an apartment and you are wondering what tricks you can introduce to the mix to help manage the light, here are a few ideas.

Soft furnishings

Managing the levels of light in a room can be done in many different ways, it is not just about bulbs and shades, it can also be about limiting the amount of light (and in turn heat) that comes into a room during the day time. It is amazing how much positive effect curtains or blinds can have on a room. Blinds, in particular, are very adaptable in terms of how much light they are able to let in. A quick online search for something like ‘roller blinds Newcastle’ or ‘Venetian blind installations’ would be a great way to find a local consultant who could advise on what solutions would work best for your space.


Dark paint can make even the best lit room look like a black hole, while a coat of something light and warm, like a yellow or cream, can make a room with very limited natural light feel like a sunny and glowing spot. It is not necessary to paint the entire room in a bright colour as this can often be quite overpowering, but a feature wall opposite a window will have a remarkable effect on the room. A similar real estate technique can be applied with mirrors which will reflect whatever light there is and make a room look a whole lot bigger and brighter – as long as they are placed in the right place.

Variable lights

The old notion that light is either on or off is now well wide of the mark. The variable resistor light switch is now very common, and it can be very useful in changing the mood of a property room. We have all seen how restaurants simply turn up the lights at closing time when they want their guests to leave. The same can be done in a house. Bright lights for when you are working late at night, but dimmer effects when you are looking to have a quiet dinner at home with your special person. Being able to control the amount of light is a great way to change the mood and tone of a room.

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