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5 Careers For Animal Lovers

When it comes to employment, many of us want to find a job that allows us to practice our passions, making each Monday morning exciting to jump out of bed for. It doesn’t always happen — sometimes you’ve got to take a first step on the career ladder that uses just some of your skills and interests, but never lose sight of the dream of working in a job that truly lights you up. If you’re an animal lover, your end goal may be to have a career that allows you to care for your favourite critters. There are many to choose from, and perhaps for now you’ll need to volunteer in one of these roles until you can make the switch to full-time employment.




Many animal lovers dream of becoming vets from a young age. You’ll have needed to do the appropriate school training and qualifications to move into this field, but that’s not to say you can’t make the move into veterinary work further along your journey; you can always re-train. If you are already a qualified vet, you can find a variety of veterinarian opportunities through job search engines like Vet Pet Jobs.


Animal rights activist


As an animal lover, you’ll likely want to make a stand against the mistreatment of animals in all sorts of industries from food, cosmetics, and fashion. Becoming an animal rights activist is a fantastic way to do this — it may not pay much money, however. It can also be somewhat of a tumultuous career to go after; activism in its essence involves rocking the boat and drawing attention to rights issues. If you’re confident, out-spoken and highly motivated, this may be a viable career route for you.




One of the biggest risks to animals right now is the loss of their environment. As an animal lover, you’ll be aware of the detrimental conditions many of the world’s animals are facing right now, at home and further afield.


Becoming employed in a role that is proactively trying to create a more sustainable environment — whether through reducing pollution, curbing deforestation or promoting cleaner oceans, etc. — animals will inevitably be beneficiaries of your hard work.


Animal sanctuary administrator


If you’re naturally talented at organising teams, handling logistics and juggling many tasks, you may be able to put your powers to good as part of the administration team at an animal sanctuary. Here, you’d be in charge of monitoring animals, overseeing the running of the sanctuary and perhaps liaising with potential adopters, if that’s applicable. Of course, you’ll also get to stay close to all the rescue animals, which you’d love!


Professional dog sitter/walker


Becoming a professional dog sitter or dog walker is an ideal way for an animal lover to pick up some extra hours of work, around your current job. You can explore the idea, through a service such as Borrow My Doggy, to see if it’s the right career path for you.


Another benefit of this job is that you’ll be your own boss. You can dictate your own working hours and rates, giving you more career freedom than you may have currently.




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