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Top 10 Ways to Reintroduce Collaboration Into Your Office

The most successful companies in the world make collaboration a key priority.

From executives to admin staff, collaboration is a key component to a smooth-running workplace. Improved collaboration doesn’t happen overnight, and requires the introduction of numerous strategies throughout the workplace. No need to get overwhelmed, I am here to introduce the top 10 ways to reintroduce collaboration into your office:

1. From the top down

If communication and collaboration is poor at the executive level, it will be difficult to implement office-wide. Collaboration must stop from the top and trickle down. Leading by example will be a key indicator of success in building collaboration within your team.

2. Technology

Phone systems, internet and ease of communication may seem like obvious elements of an office space. However, not all tech systems are created equal. Investing in a high-quality system like Commander Centre business phone systems will unify all business communication resulting in easier more efficient communication, collaboration and business outcomes.

3. Clear vision and purpose

Creating a clear vision and purpose is perhaps the most important aspect of a business.

Each employee will bring a unique set of skills, background and abilities to the business. However, all employees must work towards a clear vision and purpose to drive business in the same direction. Collaboration will improve if all roads lead to the same desired outcome.

4. Foster a fun atmosphere

Collaboration cannot be forced.

Sometimes, the stars just align and two brains come up with the perfect one idea. Often these ideas are fostered during unplanned interactions rather than scheduled meetings. Creating a fun atmosphere at work with occasional wine and cheese or quiz day could be just the catalyst needed to spark the brilliance.

5. Cater to all personalities

Provide meeting rooms that cater to the extravert in addition to private spaces for the introverts. Creativity and collaboration must come from employees who have their professional needs met, leaving room for collaboration to naturally occur.

6. Create a cool kitchen

That old phrase “conversations around the water cooler” has real merit today.

Not all companies can afford to have a fully stocked kitchen like the big tech start ups, however, putting effort into a cool kitchen will have numerous benefits. Employees rank a kitchen where employees want to hang out as a factor in office happiness.

7. Get out of the office

Facilitating out of office activities for your team is a great way to facilitate the opportunity for unplanned interactions. An after work trip to the local pub, or even team building at a mini-golf, could be the moment where the tech geek and the design guru come up with a business changing idea!

8. Cultivate Creativity

Micro-managing or putting down out-of-the-box ideas is the fastest track to decreased collaboration. Stick with the notion that all ideas are good ones, only some will be implemented. Create a culture where creativity is praised and encouraged, and see where the road takes you, your team, and your business.

9. Walking meetings

Ever feel your head nodding off in an afternoon meeting?

Then when you get back to your desk you can’t even remember what was talked about? You are not alone. Rather than coop yourself up in a meeting room, schedule walking meetings with small groups. Fresh air and trees will create a more laid back communication and easier collaboration.

10. Before we get to the end of the list, let’s talk about the beginning of the day.

Do you run into your office, late for a meeting, coffee dripping down your suit jacket?

If so, STOP THAT! Encourage staff to arrive to work and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee together before sitting down to slam out some tasks.

Collaboration doesn’t happen overnight, or by just being friendly to your staff.

Collaboration is something that happens because of how an office is designed, how staff understand a shared vision, and how they are encouraged to cultivate it. Using the top ten tips above will greatly enhance collaboration in your office, leading to improved business outcomes.