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Ways you can make extra cash from home

With the seemingly endless expenses of our daily lives, many of us are on the constant lookout for creative ways to make an extra buck. From cars, mortgage repayments and groceries to phone, internet and holidays, no matter how much you hustle and grind, there’s likely something else that requires more money.


In this case, ways to make some extra money, from the things you already have in your home seems like the perfect solution to any of your money woes. With the boom of the Sharing Economy industry, there’s more and more ways for ordinary people to start making money through side-hustles and gigs. Here’s how you can use this new industry to make extra cash from home.


Use Your Car Space


If you’re looking to make money from home, you likely won’t be needing your car or more specifically, your car space. Parkhound is a marketplace that connects people who need a parking space with people who have a free drive way, garage or even a space on their lawn.


This way will work best if you live in a central location, near a train station or the CBD, however your neighbourhood has loads of empty driveways. Simply put, it’s a peer-to-peer parking space service, meaning people can now make money with their driveways, or find a convenient car space with ease.


Get a Roomie


Your home itself can help you make extra cash, that is if you have an extra room. Many homes these days do have a spare bedroom after a child has left the nest, or perhaps it’s just a guest room used by a relative during their yearly visit. Either way, renting out your spare room on Gumtree is a common and surprisingly lucrative way to make some more money.


Freelance For Finance


Freelancing is becoming increasingly common, especially for those in creative fields. The connectivity of the internet means that businesses no longer need to hire or contract in house workers, and workers can work from home on multiple projects. Freelance jobs can come in a range of forms, including writing, designing, web development or even video editing, just to name a few. In the beginning you may only attract small jobs and may have to work to find them, but with quality work and a growing portfolio, this will improve.


Access The Volte


The Volte is similar to Car Next Door, but rather then cars, it’s for dresses and outfits. The Volte is an Australian marketplace site where people can rent or borrow designer dresses from everyday women around the country. Unlike other dress rental sites, where you can rent a dress from a business, The Volte is a peer-to-peer marketplace that, firstly allows women to rent dresses, but it also allows women to earn money from designer dresses they have bought, worn and are now sitting untouched in their wardrobes.


If you have a designer dress you no longer wear, you can start earning money off it by listing it on The Volte. On the other hand, if you have a formal or fancy party coming up, The Volte is a great place to find a designer dress to wear for a fraction of the price you would pay in a store.


Spare Space is Valuable


If you have a spare room but people aren’t really your thing, we suggest Spacer, the Airbnb of storage. The great thing about Spacer is that whether you’re a host or in need of storage, it can make (or save) you money. The site connects people with spare space to people who need more of it, and in todays crowded cities, space is becoming a valuable asset. If you have spare space, an empty room or a shed, you could be making money off it.


Listing your space is easy and free, you can choose the length of the rental and when renters can access the space, meaning you have total control over your listing. Requiring very little effort, Spacer is a great way to create a second income. Whether it’s a secure shed, a garage or an empty room, you can rent it out for people to store anything from their car or boat to clothes, documents or furniture.


No matter who, where or what you are, something we can all agree upon is that earning money is usually a necessity. Making extra cash right from home is one of the easiest ways to do so. The Sharing Economy is here and it’s time to take advantage of it.