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Top Four Online Businesses That You Can Start Without Money

The Internet seems to have leveled everything within a short period. Anyone can start a small online business and start making money. You just need a computer. The Internet is becoming a popular business environment where not much is required for one to excel. For example, no programming knowledge or technical experience is required. All you need is to be committed to your business activities and see your revenues grow.

You also don’t need much capital, which is a significant requirement for those starting a brick and mortar business. In fact, you can start an online business and get it going without any capital requirement. Multiple internet services facilitate the existence of online enterprises. However, you need some basic business knowledge, some of which you can acquire through MYOB online courses. Besides, if you don’t find it comfortable starting your own business, you can leverage on third-party sites such as eBay and Amazon to sell your goods.

Using established platforms will not only save you money but will also help you to do your business to start running immediately. In this article, you can get top small businesses that you can start with little or no cost at all.

Drop Shipping

You might not have sufficient funds to start a sizeable online enterprise that needs to manufacture various products and then store them on a warehouse. If you’re doing this, you definitely need huge funds. You’re also likely to incur losses of manufacturing and stocking products and services that could never be bought by the customers.

Instead, you can start an online business and display various products. If a customer buys such products, you will only be required to forward the order to a large business such as Etsy or Amazon for processing and delivery. This is an easy online method of getting commissions without incurring costs.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is significantly related to drop shipping as you don’t have to maintain an inventory or incur enormous resources when delivering products to customers. You will only be required to find a partner in a profitable niche. The affiliate partner will stock the products and handle all the logistical issues while your work will be to market the products on behalf of your affiliate partner.

Basically, you will be promoting products in a particular niche and getting commissions when a sale has been made through your marketing efforts. Some of the common and reliable affiliate sites that you can consider engaging include, CJ Affiliate, and among others.


Blogging seems to be the most comfortable money making an activity that you can start. This is most feasible for those individuals who have a passion in a particular field. If you have an interest and passion for a specific niche, you can quickly start blogging and start earning. Unlike other online businesses, starting a blog is absolutely free.

Many blog host companies charge some few dollars, which is the route that I would highly recommend. Many individuals have a perception that blogging is all about writing, but that’s where it begins. You don’t need to spend your time writing; you can engage in other activities such as posting videos and anything that relates to your niche.

Information Products

You might have a perception that online enterprise is all about selling physical products. This is not true. Selling information products is taking center stage. You can start an online business that focuses on selling digital information products, especially the ones that are attracting a huge number of customers.

Some of the information products that you can immediately start selling to your customers without incurring vast amounts of money include a recorded webinar, especially a one-on-one "how-to" interview. An instruction booklet, especially a travel guide will also help you to acquire vast sums of money.

The only trick that can make you succeed in this industry is ensuring that you are operating in a profitable niche. You need, therefore, to make sure that you keep checking on the trends so that you don’t spend much time in an industry that is on its deathbed.

Moreover, you need to make sure that you start with one and proceed by including other revenue generating online opportunities on your portfolio.

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