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Finishing An Email By Making It Unique

Without trust in business, you don’t have much. But, there are different forms of trust not just word of mouth. Trust can be an image, it can be a look, a building, a logo or perhaps a letter. The image you project is going to either make people trust you or be apprehensive. This falls under the category of marketing, because a business that loses the public’s faith cannot have an untarnished image. You can’t keep doing business out of your garage forever, so a big high rise building shows customers that you are successful and therefore able to be trusted. These are things in the global sphere, but what about behind the scenes? How you communicate with clients and customers through emails, can determine how trusted you are in direct communication. Ending your emails in a unique manner will lessen the chances of you being impersonated but increase the level of trust with recipients.

A slogan or quote

Finishing an email with a particular slogan that could be your business motto, is a great idea. Underneath the usual ‘sincerely’ or ‘best wishes’ and then your name, you can have a motto in a smaller font. If the slogan is written in italics it would immediately be read how it is intended. If you don’t have a slogan you can use a quote. Express something that you really believe in. maybe it's your approach to hard work and success such as “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." Perhaps a motivational quote such as “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." A slogan or quote that really means something to you may become your authentication in emails you write.

A professional stamp

Every top company in the world will finish it's emails with it's very own professional stamp. These stamps are often at the bottom, such as the logo or a business card format with contact details and logo as one. Create your own email signature design so you can finish your emails in a professional manner. By doing so in this way, there can be no mistake about who this email was from. A plain text email is a bit too informal. It's like two people have a chat rather than a business communicating with a brand image in mind. The signature design doesn’t have to be a traditional style. Use a font instead, and much like successful corporations like Tesla, embrace space between characters. The empty space adds simplicity but widens the name of your business, making it seem more robust on the page.

The forgotten p.s.

Whatever happened to the ‘p.s.’ in email and letter writing? The p.s. was a chance to slip in something informal in a formal communication. It lifted the veil of seriousness to a letter and allowed you a moment to be more personal. If you are close with a business friend, you can use p.s. to write something about outide of work such as “lets catch up soon buddy”.

Use a professional signature design to every business email. In a way it should seem like the company is talking to someone and not the person so your brand image can stay consistent.