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Buying Used Caravans: Things To Know

Anyone in the market for a caravan should first consider the age-old important question: Should I purchase used or new? Many buyers go into the process firmly set on used models due to their budgets or needs, but this doesn’t mean that higher budget buyers should completely overlook the used market. There are many pros related to purchasing used caravans that work out for higher budget buyers as well. For those who have made the decision to buy used, or who are on the fence, there are many pros and several cons to consider before heading to the caravan sales location to make your choice. Whatever the case, the purchase of a caravan is the key to countless hours of fun and relaxation out on the road, so you are making an exciting decision no matter the model you end up going with.

The Price

The single most important pro when it comes to the purchase of a used caravan is the price. Buyers have been known to get some fantastic deals on used caravans. This doesn’t mean that you will be sacrificing on quality either. There are plenty of caravan travelers who buy new and end up having to sell their caravan after only a few trips due to upgrading or having to give up the road for whatever reason.  This can be great news for the used buyer, as you can end up acquiring a great model used caravan that is nearly as good as new. Even if you thought that a certain caravan brand was well out of your reach financially, you may very well be able to find one used for a cheaper price but not for less quality. Buying used gives you a lot more wiggle room with your wallet, which is a major plus for anybody from first time travelers to seasoned road vets.

Less Commitment

If you are just starting out with caravan travel and aren’t sure if you are going to keep at it, then a used model is a much better option. If you’re investing a lot of expenditure on a new model with multiple options, you will have far more commitment and will feel bad if you decide to stop journeying or don’t get to travel as much as you would like, and will potentially lose money on the resale. If you start out with a used model, however, you can then decide if this will be a permanent hobby without having the guilt of having just spent lots of money on a brand new model. Of course you can always upgrade down the line should you decide to continue your life as a road adventurer.


The main thing to focus on when you have completed your research and are ready to visit the caravan sales location to make your purchase is quality. No matter how little the vehicle was previously used, the fact remains that it was driven by a previous owner or owners and could therefore come with damages or other important faults that may not be clear upon first sight. Many issues, including engine and mechanical troubles, will not be easy to determine even after several test runs. This is why you should always buy from a trustworthy seller who can give you a full vehicle history.

Make sure to check the reviews of the dealership to make sure you are visiting a trustworthy and highly recommended dealer. Request a full history or the caravan, including previous owners, any damages that have occurred, a list of accidents, and most importantly a detailed list of repairs and adjustments that have been made at the dealership. If they cannot provide this, then you will want to go with a separate dealer.


Another thing to consider is the lack of upgrades and amenities with used caravans. When purchasing a brand new rig you can get all sorts of options and additions. With a used caravan, what you see is exactly what you get. Therefore, you must make sure that the model you are purchasing comes with everything you need in the first place.

Buying a used caravan can be a great benefit to your budget and also requires much less commitment. Any buyer on a budget or first time buyer unsure if they will continue road tripping would be highly recommended to go this route. Before you head to the caravan sales location, make sure to do your research in order to assure you are visiting a quality dealership with a good track record, decide on the type of model you would like including the amenities and additions, and have a fixed budget in mind. As long as you have these points covered, then you should have a fine buying experience and will be out on the road in no time.