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How Investing In A Car Trailer Can Be A Smart Move

How often have you borrowed a car trailer from your neighbour? Has it always been available to you when you needed it? Perhaps not, and you had to reschedule your activity to suit the availability of the neighbour’s car trailer. Car trailers can unlock several possibilities. You may have to haul an ATV to some place or may have to pick up some gravel for the driveway, or have a landscaping or moving job on hand. Whatever the task, owning your own car trailer is similar to owning a pickup truck, and in fact a better option at that since you use it only when needed. And, the 12 feet long and 6 feet wide bed is not available with a pickup truck either. But, there are also some inherent drawbacks, when you attach a car trailer to your vehicle. Instantly your vehicle becomes heavier, longer and hinged taking longer for you to stop and needing more turning angle. Similarly, while backing up also the trailer can throw up some challenges. However, most of these are preventable with some forethought and preparation.

Following are some useful tips for choosing your car trailer:


Irrespective of the type of trailer you are buying, always focus on a size somewhat bigger than what you think is best. In the long run, you will find this a smart decision and can save you from some tight spots too.

Tandem Axles

Tandem axles constitute a more desirable option for a car trailer that has 4 wheels. Single-axle trailers are stable only when you attach it to a car. When you add some weight to these trailers they also tend to swing in a seesaw manner. With tandem axles you are assured of straight movement on the highway also and can be helpful when you have a flat tire on one of those trips.

On every trip it is a great idea to keep a minimum of one spare tire for the trailer as also a decent jack and a large 4 way lug wrench. A grease gun and portable air compressor are also other desirable tools you should carry. Another important factor to consider is that wheels bearings can last about 100,000 miles on cars. But, on your trailer they are significantly more delicate and you should always be prepared for eventualities.


It is important that you practice adequately before taking to the public thoroughfare with the trailer. Ideally, you should choose a good parking lot or open space and spend one hour or more familiarizing yourself turning corners, backing up till you are fully confident. Without adequate practice, you could get into some awkward situations and even a potential accident.


Manoeuvrability is very important when you choose tow vehicles opposed to power. Tow ratings are often understated and therefore a Toyota Highlander is adequate in most situations. The Toyota or a similar vehicle is also comfortable for negotiating tight corners.

Let us now move to choosing the car trailer and important considerations that go into it.

Let us now consider some of your options in greater detail:

Closed Vs. Open Car Trailers

One of the important considerations while investing in a car trailer is deciding between an open trailer and a closer trailer. Enclosed trailers obviously constitute a more attractive option because of the protection they afford from the natural elements and can also be a safe storage for the car. Further, enclosed trailers can also afford protection from damage to exteriors from road debris and stones. In some situations, you may need to cover several states in one trip and enclosed trailers constitute a great option for multiple reasons.

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However, closed trailers can cost you significantly more in comparison to the open trailers and broadly, the additional investment can go up to 50%. Your decision will also be influenced by the distance you normally haul the trailer. Open trailers are also equipped with stone guards to block road debris and potential impact for the main trailer.

Choosing The Size

The best size for car trailers would be influenced by the number of cars you have to haul in a single trip and size of your car/s. 8’x16’ is a more common size for accommodating most of the single cars with ease. But, if you consider the popular size, it is 8.5x20’ and 8.5x24’ since these sizes also present an amount of spare room for hauling single cars.

Weight of the Trailers

Another important consideration is the weight of your trailers. Generally, the older classic car tends to be heavier compared to light cars and race cars. Further, you should also take into consideration, the towing capacity of the car trailer. If you consider popular options, you should be looking at 7,000 GVWR and 9,900GVWR. These options come with a payload of 3,500 and 6,000.

Choosing The Metal

You may need to focus on the metal for your trailer too. Steel and aluminium are the common options with both metals having their share of advantages and disadvantages and often times, price is a major driver to choose. The more expensive metal is obviously aluminium and the higher price is justified by its longer life and immunity to rust. However, steel trailers are also equally durable and robust when regular maintenance is not a challenge. Choice of metal will also impact weight of your trailer wherein aluminium is significantly lighter and steel relatively heavier. The amount of load that you would put into the trailer normally will determine the type of metal you choose. If you have regular heavy loads to move around, you may be better off with steel.


There are many accessories for enhancing the overall utility of your car trailer and you can also look for car trailers that offer an upgrade. The common list of accessories for your car trailer includes extra height, finished interiors, and air conditioning.