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Sydney 20 May 2015: Australians buy a lot of caravans each year. Jayco has built a manufacturing empire creating small camper vans, caravans and motor homes. Over 100 other makers supply or distribute caravans to young families, older families with teenage children and retirees who take to the road for fun, leisure and adventure.

On any one day, thousands of caravans are on the roads between caravan parks situated inland on major highways and all around the Australian coastline. With hotel, motel and apartment costs increasing each year; especially in peak season, when prices are inflated more and more, Australians look to buy their own holiday on wheels.

For Australian workers like "tradies" and work from home consultants, buying a caravan under a business name is a viable option with the Australian government's new instant write off for business assets. Caravans can be mobile offices for technicians and onsite offices for builders, contractors and trades people.

When looking to buy a caravan, motor home or camper, it is important to ring around or get online to see which finance source offers low rate caravan loans and motorhome finance in Australia. It is a wise move to look for a free quote for a caravan loan to see what you can afford before you set out to buy.

In Australia, people in any State or Territory can take advantage of free quote offers from - experts in caravan finance.

It is easy to go online or make one call to a motor home finance source to see what the rates are, what caravan finance sources are currently offering the best deals or incentives and who qualifies for the best rates. Recreational vehicle manufacturers & suppliers do not specialise in finance, so take the time to make your own enquiries first in order to choose a broker.

Once you have the best finance industry information, you can approach caravan dealers, private sellers or caravan or motorhome manufactures in the knowledge that you are in a position to commit to a stunning cash purchase price then and there.

People who have not been approved for a caravan or camper loan may have to rely on caravan dealer finance. People who sell caravans are often good at product knowledge but not able to offer the best, most up to date and buyer appropriate finance options. Quite often, people pay higher finance charges to take out a loan, higher interest or endure less than favourable loan terms, simply because they did not do their finance homework before they went to a dealer.

Another reason to have your finance for a caravan purchase in place before you shop, is that you are not tied to buying from one dealer. You can pick any brand and buy from any source you like as you have your own caravan finance.

That independence enables caravan and camper buyers to strike the best cash deal and if necessary, walk away from a dealer to buy cheaper elsewhere.

For unbeatable caravan loans, low rate caravan and motorhome finance to use anywhere in Australia, buyers should take the time to get a - free quote for caravan loan.

When looking for leisure vehicle finance, it is possible to get a combined loan for the best vehicle to tow a caravan. Getting expert car loan advice together with caravan finance help, will save money for the life of the car or van. Lower interest means lower operating costs and a less stressful caravan holiday.

Some finance sources for caravans can also offer the best rates of caravan insurance that are tailor made for the caravan finance source.

When possible, steer clear of dealer finance and go to a source that specialises in finance for all types of recreational vehicles and one who can offer same day approvals and access to Australia's top lenders.

Apart from young families in the 30 - 55 age group, more and more people are buying caravans to use at home for accommodation or granny flats. The cost of running a stationary caravan may be less and they may not accrue wear and tear as fast as outback caravans, so finance rates might be better for on-site caravans.

It could be viable to operate a small business hiring out a caravan or a fleet of caravans using suitable caravan finance that can be sourced with a fast loan application. Banks might ask a borrower to add to their home mortgage to buy a caravan. An independent van finance expert will often be able to arrange a motor home loan independent of a mortgage that would otherwise would probably extend a home loan repayment and cost a lot more in interest over the life of the loan.

To avoid complications, look at finance options before buying that caravan. It will save time, make you independent of dealers and in most cases save you money.

There are many caravan manufacturers in Australia. Not all of them offer caravan finance from the maker or their dealers so wise buyers shop online for the best finance when buying a caravan or camper van. Major caravan makers who sell many of the vans that drive around Australia include Coromal and Franklin. Jayco of course is a major supplier with a huge share of the van market.

Millard is one of the other major brands that buyers should consider when looking for a caravan to buy and the best caravan finance option.

Exploring Australia is fun with a caravan

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