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Australian Luxury slimming Shapewear at its finest

imageWithin the midst of the greenery of Sydney’s leafy districts of Vauculse, NSW comes a blooming Photoshoot which creates a fascinating approach to designing Australian contemporary slimwear & shapewear! A new designing shapewear brand “La Sculpte” Of Sydney NSW has successfully structured only what best describes a trio of; “comfort, art and uniqueness”.


The fine backbone to La Sculpte fashion dedicates themselves in exclusive personalised Shapewear designs for exercising, under garments, slips and outerwear!

The concoction of the unique comfortable materials, style & vibrancy - warming use of shape can be worn in any occasion captivates the  “real” essences of people. La Sculpte Shapewear pride themselves in a different approach to slimming under garments, where each item is unique with the highest of detail to reflect individuality and natural comfort.


A range of professional detailing designs are available to the highest of standard.  Based in Sydney NSW, they appreciate the natural, raw ingenious deliverance which is true to associating their apparel to the genuine expressions of any person, shape, size and any event

The creative Styling of the photoshoots for their latest lookbook – e commerce collection of classic chic, natural everyday wear, back dropping of Sydney’s natural outdoor surroundings & under eveningwear is truly a well related brand to wear for your next trip outdoors. 

The success of the business has left only smiles on their client’s faces. The very talented team of La Sculpte are highly commended and their pieces are left in a stance of comfort and simplicity.


Its best well keeping this New Australian Shapewear designer at the back of your mind for your next family event, wedding, or outdoor active wear day out as this aussie brand is truly one to shape with your lifestyle!

For more information please visit: – Instagram: Lasculpte image

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