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See My World: 2016 mEYE World Photographic Competition

imageYou could win up to $8,000 in cash and prizes by capturing 'Your World'


See My World: 2016 mEYE World Photographic Competition Now Open

The annual mEYE World Photographic Competition, an initiative of Macular Disease Foundation Australia, is now open with over $8,000 worth of prizes, including a cash prize of $3,000, to be shared among winners. The competition theme is ‘See My World’ and Foundation’s CEO, Julie Heraghty, said she is looking forward to seeing photographs that reflect the rich diversity of Australian life. “We all see the world so very differently; this competition and the photos entered will show the kaleidoscope that is Australia.  Photos could be of a local multi-cultural event, a favourite landscape, a blade of grass, or like last year’s grand finalist, a brief moment of wonder in a child’s face. It’s your world, and what it means to you is what we want to see.” Macular disease is the leading cause of blindness and severe vision loss in Australia and includes diabetic eye disease and macular degeneration. “Macular disease can affect people from all walks of life and impacts people with the disease, as well as their family, friends and carers,” said Julie. “When people lose their vision, they gain a different perspective of the world around them.  We are asking all Australians to capture their unique perspective of the world and celebrate sight.” Now in its sixth year, this free competition is open to all and offers four categories: an open category; junior; macular disease community; and healthcare professionals.  Last year’s grand finalist, Rebecca Burton, who submitted a photo of her young daughter captivated by dust motes dancing in a stream of morning light said, “I was thrilled to win the 2015 mEYE World Photographic Competition. I had very little knowledge of macular disease before I entered, but I loved the idea of capturing and sharing a precious sight. The Foundation’s competition was the perfect way to do this and in the process, it made me reflect on how much I value the ability to see; from the littlest details, to the treasured moments, they all enrich my memories of my world.” “The competition has become a fixture on the Foundation’s calendar and is highly respected,” said Julie.  “Our judges, among them the Foundation’s Patron Ita Buttrose and professional photographer Rex Dupain, never fail to be impressed by the quality of the entries we receive. I encourage all Australians to submit a photo, along with a few words about why it represents the theme See My World.” mEYE World Photographic Competition runs until 18 October 2016. For more information and to enter, visit Competition details: The competition runs from 30 August – 18 October 2016.   Winners will be announced on 14 November.   The four categories for the competition are: Open - general public Macular disease community Healthcare professional Junior - under 18 years.   Entries must be submitted online and in conjunction with 30 – 60 words that explain how the entrant’s photograph depicts the theme of ‘See My World’. Entries will be judged on their creativity, composition, content and technique.   About Macular Disease Foundation Australia Macular Disease Foundation Australia is committed to reducing the incidence and impact of macular disease in Australia through education and awareness programs, research, provision of support services and representing the best interests of the macular disease community. The Foundation is a national charity providing information, guidance and support on prevention, early detection, treatment and rehabilitation. The Foundation is the voice of the macular disease community, building healthy communities through the development of effective public policy, a sound knowledge base and strong relationships and partnerships.    The Foundation’s work encompasses macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusions and a range of other macular diseases.    To find out more visit:     Supporting photos and details 2015 Grand Finalist and Category Winner Category: Open (General Public) Name: Rebecca Burton Entry description: Golden morning light streaming into the kitchen and a box of shredded paper. My child was captivated by the dust motes dancing in the air; I got to peek into her magical world. We both saw magic that day. Celebrate the little details you see every day. It's all so precious. 2015 Category Winner Category: Healthcare Professional Name: Kerry Boytell Entry: All things bright and beautiful, all things large and small. The hummingbird is one of the smallest but most brightly coloured birds, and seeing it feeding is a sight to behold. It is attracted to red flowers and its wings beat incredibly fast. 2015 Category Winner Category: Macular Disease Community Name: Di Lymbury Entry: Nature is so spectacular and very important. It gives an almighty lift to see something rare and beautiful. One cannot underestimate the benefits of the pleasures this brings. This amazing image is of the brilliantly coloured Rainbow Bee-eaters frolicking in the rain. I hope it brings as much joy to others as I had capturing it! 2015 Category Winner Category: Junior (Under 18) Name: Caitlin Dixon Entry:  When you "See My World" you see a youthful type of person who always likes to enjoy any opportunity. With an image that is in an inside environment and a young child as the focus, it encourages the message of how you spend your years of growing up in a house which in theory doesn't grow like you do.

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