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Start making money from your unwanted sporting equipment


Every household has sporting equipment sitting in the garage and cupboards that could be making money instead of collecting dust.  It was this idea that led to the birth of Australia's first dedicated sales platform for the sale of new and used sporting equipment and clothing -


Australian entrepreneur and sports enthusiast, Ahmad Elhawli, has just launched and he believes the site is going to change the way we buy and sell sports equipment in Australia. has been developed to provide all Australians with an online site where they can list and sell second-hand gear, as well as new items.  According to Mr Elhawli, is going to make it easier for more Aussies to engage in sport and recreational activity and it is also going to help Aussie businesses to reach the market in a cost effective manner. 


“Currently there are a number of different sites people can use to buy and sell new and second-hand sports equipment, all involving different trading terms and offerings, but they’re mixed in with other products and services. So I decided to simplify the market space and create one dedicated site for new and used sports gear,” Mr Elhawli said today.


“As a sporting nation, it makes sense to have new and used sporting equipment and clothing in one place to make the buying and selling process easier for all Aussies.


“Nearly every family with kids has sporting equipment sitting in their garage or cupboards collecting dust. With the arrival of, now they have a sales platform where they can easily list and sell the items to a primed audience.


“Parents looking to purchase second-hand sporting equipment for their kids can now easily source the items they need on, rather than having to trawl through other sites or the local paper.


“At, our clients range from anyone who has sporting gear at home that they no longer want, to a sporting business with a bricks-and-mortar store, an eCommerce store, or both.” streamlines the online shopping experience and solves issues faced by large-scale sales sites.  All’s advertised items are strictly sports related and businesses must be Australian-based to be listed. For those seeking to buy and sell second-hand equipment, screens product listings to ensure the items on sale are the best possible quality and in prime-condition.


With a background in digital marketing and success with multiple businesses, Mr Elhawli says that his ability to learn quickly and adapt to change will assist his business to thrive and succeed.


Currently completing his Masters Degree in Data Science, Mr Elhawli also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Management and Operations, is managing director of Ringside Australia and runs a business podcast called The Business Wilderness. Already thinking long-term, Mr Elhawli is keen to keep kicking professional goals.


“Our goal is to have 1000 businesses signed up within the first three years and to give maximum exposure to those businesses through our social media channels,” Mr Elhawli added.


“Currently, businesses and customers can sign up for free for the first three months.


“Apart from providing businesses and consumers with a dedicated place to buy and sell new and used sports equipment and clothing, I believe will provide many small businesses with a new means to reach their customers in a cost-effective manner. will also assist many Aussie families to make a few dollars from their unwanted sports equipment, and also help others to purchase second hand equipment at an affordable price.


“I am really excited about the many ways in which is going to benefit Australia.”

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