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Business Solutions that Span the Globe

People often say ‘globalisation’ like it’s a dirty word, however I’m not sure it’s as evil as people want to make it, especially seeing as it’s the only thing stopping the outbreak of World War 3. Countries need each other to trade with and be a part of a global business community and a big old war would put a giant proverbial spanner in those works. Different countries working together have created some wonderful business solutions, but so has the mere fact that people have to communicate with each other from all around the globe. Here are some business solutions and technologies that have helped businesses connect and evolve.

Meeting Technologies

If you believe the Bible, God gave all the people of the world different languages as a punishment for that whole Tower of Babel fiasco; well it worked. Trying to do business can be extremely difficult if there is a language barrier, this issue is compounded when you have to travel thousands of miles to another country and try to find your way around, buy food, and generally survive. Luckily, there are so many conferencing technologies – with the obvious one being Skype. This technology is becoming more and a more advanced and although it hasn’t quite got to the stage of instant translation, it’s getting there.


SAP is one of those acronyms you will have heard about lots, but might not know what it means or what the company does … or you’re sat there thinking you’ve never heard of the acronym and thought it was sticky tree blood. Either way, if you run a business, SAP will help you unify your processes and facilities. Since SAP was started by some guys who left IBM, different companies have sprung up that have built separate software that interacts with SAP (they are always SAP certified) and help in different ways. You can find a SAP ecommerce provider for example, if you run an omni-channel operation. SAP changed the business world and these new guys are ensuring it keeps happening.

App Design

Apps are a great invention, although when they were first popularised and people kept saying ‘there’s an app for that’ in that jolly tone, usually accompanied with a finger snap like some weird 40’s American advertising character, I wanted to hurl vitriol at them, but luckily people don’t do that anymore and what’s left are genuinely interesting and innovative products that simplify so many businesses down to a few touches of a phone screen. Whether you’re ordering pizza, buying a new TV, or sorting out your bank accounts, it can all be done from your phone with little effort.

So yes, globalisation might have many negative connotations, however I also think it can be a wonderful thing as it shows that we are slowly getting to the stage as a species where we can coexist regardless of race, colour, or creed and that is a wonderful thing. We still have a long way to go, but we are making the right steps … unless the Donald gets into power.