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How To Maintain A Professional Image

So, you’ve just started your first ever company and you’re on the cusp of graduating from the spare bedroom and into your own office. It’s an exciting feeling, isn’t it? Your business growth is going to depend on your own motivation and how much work you put into your company. Image is everything in business and that doesn’t just point to the sharp suits and polished shoes you’ll wear day to day!

When you build a business online, your professional image is going to be centred on the worldwide web. A lot of the professionalism you will display as a business will come from your brand, so building this should be important to you. There are plenty of ways you can make your business look more professional to outsiders, and we’ve compiled a list for you to work from:

  • *  Dedicated Phone Number. It’s an obvious solution, really, but having a dedicated phone number for your company instead of a mobile number to work from is one of the best ways you can promote your company as a professional outfit. You can choose to get a Freephone number, but either way a proper number for your company can encourage you to answer the phone more professionally.

  • * P.O What? Before you move your company from spare bedroom to stand alone office, you could have a PO Box set up for your post. You can set up a separate address when working from home to keep your private and professional mail from becoming mixed up. Once you’ve moved to business digs, you will have an entirely new address for all your business post.

  • * Cleaning House. Moving into a newer, larger building could mean expanding to have a staff, desks and paperwork. You’ll need to hire commercial cleaning services for keeping your office in great shape and looking professional for client meetings. Your office has to be pristine when customers and clients visit as no one will be willing to do business with a company that doesn’t take pride in its appearance.

  • * Business Cards. Being able to hand out business cards after meetings is so important for continuing profitable growth. It’s easy to underestimate how a card with your contact details can make a difference, but your company relies on people remembering who you are. Get them made as soon as possible and always bring them to meetings with you!

  • * Get Big Online. Your physical business presence is important, but people will always Google your company first before anything else. Make your website professional and interactive and don’t forget to detail all your services and prices. Including a site map and contact details are an absolute must and the page about you is crucial for those who want to understand what you can do.

Your company image is just as important as your personal image when you go to work. Once you understand this, your company can flourish and be a success. Your success is going to elevate you in the business world, so suit up – it’s time to clean house!