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11 Ways to Enjoy an Unforgettable 2018

Many people often look back on the past twelve months before the arrival of a new year. There are bound to be things you wish you had or hadn’t done, which could have made or ruined your year. To ensure you make the most of the months ahead, read the 11 ways to enjoy an unforgettable 2018.

1. Set a Goal

Start 2018 by setting and working towards a goal. For example, you could start your own business, lose weight, or train for a marathon. Working towards a goal will give you a focus for the next twelve months, and you will feel a sense of achievement when you look back on your year if you successfully complete the task.

It is, however, important to be realistic about your goals. For instance, if you experienced next to no exercise in 2017, you might not be ready to exercise six days per week. Be honest with yourself by setting a realistic goal you can achieve, which could be exercising one or two days each week.

You can then set additional goals each month, which may be more achievable.

2. Create a Budget

A budget allows people to take a greater control of their finances, which can help them free themselves of debt, reduce expenditure and increase their savings. If you haven’t already done so, sit down and compare your income against your outgoings, so you can identify if you are spending more money than you are making. If you are, look for ways to reduce or eliminate unnecessary costs. For example, you could cut back on takeout, scale down your TV package or could renegotiate a smartphone contract with your provider.

3. Added Security

It only takes one unexpected bill to play havoc with a person’s bank balance. For this reason, you should have a safety net so you will have the money to cover an unexpected bill, such as a car breakdown or home repair. If you don’t have this security fund in place, you should at least have an emergency cash source at the ready to help you quickly recover your finances, such as Cigno Loans.

4. Start Prioritising

Sit down and write a list of your future goals. For instance, you might want to move home, have a baby, buy a dog, or go on a dream vacation. You should then number your dreams by priority. Once you have done so, develop and stick to a savings plan to help you make your dreams a reality.

Prioritizing will allow you to identify what is most important to you, so you will realise you don’t need to buy that new top or eat at that expensive restaurant.

5. Monitor Yourself

People often believe they are performing better than they are, so are surprised to find they haven’t lost weight or improved their finances. If you want to make 2018 the best year yet, start by monitoring yourself by keeping a journal, using an app or writing notes in your calendar. You can then identify where you went wrong, so you can learn from your mistakes.

6. Change Your Mindset

How you perceive the world will determine your personal happiness. All it might take to have a happy new year is to change your mindset. For example, instead of shying away from change, feeling intimidated by others or feeling sorry for yourself, you should pick yourself up and develop a more positive mindset. Also, instead of worrying about pleasing everyone, start saying “no” and do more things for yourself.

7. Organise Your Home

Are you adding clutter into cupboards and drawers with next to no thought? Maybe your wardrobe is stuffed with clothes you will never wear. If so, spend one or two days organising your home so can free your space of clutter and clear your mind. It will provide the fresh start you need to tackle the year ahead, so you’ll be more productive in the home – and all you will need to do is maintain it. You might be surprised by the big difference it can make in your everyday life.

8. Take a Social Media Break

People can often get so wrapped up in the lives of others that they forget to live themselves. Instead of burrowing your head in a device to watch a trending video or the newest meme, step away from your phone to spend more time with loved ones.

Most smartphone users can become addicted to checking their timelines and posting online, which can take time away from their daily lives and may even frustrate their loved ones. So, try to distance yourself a little from the platforms, so you can focus more on the world around you, instead of the virtual community of people you probably barely know.

9. Do Something Different

Do you want 2018 to be filled with unforgettable memories? Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and do something different. For example, you could travel to a new destination, try a new cuisine or could learn a new skill. If you’re afraid of heights, jump out of a plane. If you’re socially awkward, force yourself to speak to new people. It will help you to overcome your fears, test your limits and create memories that will make you a more confident person.

10. Let Go of Negativity

Are you holding a grudge against someone? Maybe you are struggling to forget about your own mistakes? Whatever it is, learn to let go of any negativity you have and embrace a more positive outlook, so you can move on with your life.

11. Stop Multitasking

Multitasking is not the answer for completing many tasks. Instead of giving each task small chunks of attention, focus solely on ticking them off one at a time. This will ensure you provide each task with the care and attention it deserves, before you move onto the next one. Simply prioritise your tasks by importance and aim to work your way down the list.

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