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5 Ways To Make Your Business More Green

There are lots of reasons to make your business more eco-friendly. In most cases, you can save a lot of money by adopting green ideas. It can also be great for you business’s reputation. Here are just five ways that you make your business greener.

Go paperless

Many modern businesses are helping to save the planet by doing away with paper. Many documents can now be stored digitally, saving the need to keep physical copies. Contracts and invoices can be sent via email. There are even apps and programmes for signing documents digitally. Going paperless won’t just save you money on paper and printer ink, it could also free up a lot of space. It can stop paper cluttering up drawers and even eliminate the need for filing cabinets and devices such as printers and scanners.

Use energy-efficient devices

Energy-efficient devices can save you more money on your electricity bill as well as reducing your business’s carbon footprint. Many of these devices can be identified by an Energy Star rating. On top of your PCs, consider kitchen devices such as kettles, coffee machines and refrigerators. You can even consider changing up your lighting to halogen and LED bulbs.

Embrace renewable energy

It’s possible to run your office entirely on renewable energy. This could cost a lot of money initially, but make you a return in the future by preventing you from ever having to pay an energy bill again. Industrial grade solar panels can be a good investment, allowing you to generate all your company’s electricity using the power of the sun. When it comes to heating, you could consider a biomass boiler or you could run all your company’s heating off of solar power. You can even install a greywater recycling system which recycles any wastewater from sinks and reuses it for processes such as toilet-flushing and gardening (if you have a lawn with sprinklers).

Use bio-friendly cleaning products

Another way to make your business greener is to use bio-friendly cleaning products. Many regular cleaning product contain chemicals which can be harmful for the environment. There are lots of eco-friendly alternatives for washing up liquid and toilet cleaner on the market. Many of these products also come in biodegradable bottles.

Recycle everything

Embracing recycling is another way of making your business greener. If you currently shove everything into one bin, it could be worth buying a few separate bins for dividing up waste or getting in touch with your local council (they made be able to provide you with bins and schedule collection). Even office furniture can be recycled. There are also options such as refillable water tanks and refillable ink cartridges. As for old and broken computers, these can often be recycled or donated using special companies.