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Safety Checks Must Play A Crucial Role In Every Business

In some companies, accidents and injuries are incredibly common such as is the case for businesses in the logging and coal mining sector. In others, they are far less prevalent such as office jobs. However, they all have one thing in common. Most injuries and issues can be prevented if the right steps and the correct measures are put in place. There’s a famous saying: there is no such thing as an accident, only an incident.

This is absolutely true, and it’s something that business owners do need to be aware of. If an incident does occur on a business property, it will have a number of serious impacts on the company. For instance, the company could be embroiled in a legal battle. Personal injury lawsuits are alarmingly common these days in the business world and can cost SMEs thousands.

The best way to avoid an accident is to make sure that the right checks are in place. If you don’t do this, then you are simply asking for trouble.

Hiring Someone To Check The Premise

Every business should appoint a health and safety officer. They will work to ensure that the premises are regularly checked for any potential hazards that could ultimately lead to an accident. This could be as simple as loose wires around an office desk to something as severe as a heavy piece of equipment that isn’t functioning as it should.

There should also be a logbook. This is used to record any issues with health and safety that have occurred throughout the working year. It should always be kept accurate so that if there are issues, they can be handled quickly.

Checking Dangerous Equipment

Some businesses do use dangerous equipment. This is certainly true in the medical industry where gas canisters can be dangerous if they are not properly secured. An unsecured gas canister could be a fire hazard, and for this reason, they need to be checked regularly. A typical health and safety officer can’t handle a job like this. Instead, companies need to use a specialist like Mega Medical. With trained staff, a company such as this one will be able to make sure that the canisters are secure. This is just one example of dangerous equipment in a business that needs specialist attention.

In The Event Of An Emergency

Of course, there is also equipment that business owners rely on in the event of an emergency. This includes sprinkler systems that all businesses are required by law to have. However, it’s not just a matter of making sure that the sprinkler system is there. It needs to be working correctly, and this isn’t a guarantee. The system can corrode when left for long periods of time.

Again, this requires specialist checks, but they are worth doing. If a system like this isn’t working in the event of an emergency, it could lead to loss of life.

In 2016 182 workers were killed, and while this is the lowest rate in Australia since 2003, there is certainly room for improvement. With the right checks in place, businesses can do more to protect their teams and their business.