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Simple Ideas For An Easier Long-Distance Move

Making a long distance move to another city or state can be a real drain on your finances and your energy levels. However, with the right planning and some clever tricks, you can make the move without losing your mind in the process. If you’re looking for ways to cut costs, lower your stress levels, and move to your new home through a smooth, easy process, use these simple tips.


Hire a great service to help.

The right removal service can make all the difference when it comes to your move, whether you’re traveling far or just down the road to a new property. If you’re looking at a long distance move, interstate removalists brisbane to melbourne can help you with many aspects of the process, from actually assisting you in getting your boxes and furniture loaded and neatly arranged in moving trucks, to transporting your belongings, and helping you out with storage if necessary. A good company will provide a friendly service and make the whole move far less exhausting for you and your family. Make sure you make your booking well in advance so you’re prepared for the big day.


Make an inventory.

When you’re moving all of your possessions far away, you need a clear inventory to make both packing and unpacking less stressful. Take an inventory of all of the items as you pack them, both large and small, and make sure you clearly label every box so you know where to find all of your possessions. This way, you’ll know if anything goes missing along the way, and you’ll be able to work through a straightforward checklist once you’re settled in and ready to unpack.


Downsize your possessions.

Moving interstate is a fantastic opportunity to minimise your lifestyle, or at least cut down a little bit on the amount of stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. Conduct a ruthless assessment of all of the things you own before you begin to pack, and consider holding a car boot sale to get rid of some of the items you don’t feel strongly about moving with. It’ll also help to know what the measurements are in your new property. If a particular piece of furniture just won’t work in terms of the size and layout of your new home, it’s time to let it go. You can also take the chance to de-clutter instead of packing thousands of random items.


Choose the right moving supplies.

Many people head to their local supermarket and collect any old boxes to help them pack up before they move, but this strategy can cause you problems down the line. If you want sturdy packaging for your possessions that will ensure that no damage occurs and everything is safe and secure during the moving process, invest in some durable storage boxes and proper packaging supplies from a good retailer.


Do it a bit at a time.

Some people feel overwhelmed by the task of packing and moving and leave everything until the last minute. Avoid the stress that comes with this choice by breaking the process down into smaller tasks. Schedule shorter packing sessions for several months leading up to the move so you can do smaller amounts at a time but gradually make a dent in your to-do list.

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