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How To Avoid Scams When Selling Car for cash

When dealing with a reputed cash for cars company you can rest assured that you are in good hands and so is your vehicle. You don’t worry about the price of the car or the fact that they are ever going to value your car less than its worth because simply put that is not the case at all.

But there is always a chance that you may be in for a scam. Today criminals have found the savviest ways to fool car owners. It is nearly impossible to tell a real offer from the fake ones. However, there are a few signs that you could be looking for so that it becomes easy for you to pick out the right Car Removal Perth Company for your needs.

Before you decide to sell a used car, you have to be aware of the most common scams out there and learn how to avoid them. Following is a list of such examples that will keep you on your toes and well aware of the various ways you could fall prey to their false offers and tactics:

Offers To Buy Your Car Even Without Even Seeing It

Beware of A Cash for Cars company that offers to buy your old and used car without looking at it first. This should always be considered a strong warning sign.

You will realize later that this is a part of a larger scam. The buyer usually sends you a bad check or maybe he will promise to wire you the money. Later they would typically have a totally different person pick up your vehicle.

Be Wary If They Decide To Pay With Checks Or Money Orders

While you may argue that most Car Removal Perth firms don’t always do this, a very common scam that you will come across is when they pay you with a check or a fake money order. Do not sign over the title to them before the money clears.


This happens when a buyer tells you that there is someone he or she knows that owes him or her money. This amount is usually way more than the value of your car. He or she will then ask you for your vehicle and then promise payment from that other individual.

If they promise to wire additional funds or maybe somehow try to convince you that they will send over a larger check later on, it will most probably be a fraudulent one.

Stay away from all these offers at all costs to avoid any scams from ripping you off!