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What is Your Car or Truck Worth?

Trying to find out the price of your car?

Strangely just like that of a house, it will be influenced by a lot of factors. You are sick and tired of your old car and the problems that it has been creating for a while now and after having completely made up your mind to sell it off, you find yourself at crossroads. You don’t know whether to sell it off to the next owner after having it repaired or just give it off to charity or a car removal Perth company for cash. You know that the model and the year of production of the car will dictate the broad price range that you can get for it and that is reason enough for you to discard the thought of giving it to charity. So that brings you back to square 1 with just two options to consider. You don’t want to spend any more money on its repairs and clearly even if you do, you don’t have the time or the patience to look for a prospective buyer for it. So, the only option now is choosing a reputed cash for cars Perth Company. But before that ask yourself a very big question.

What Is The Value Of Your Car?

Have you contacted the nearest car removal company to know about the same? Or have you at least considered going to the various online portals that let you assess your vehicle and find out what it will be worth in the market? Don’t sweat over it. We’ve got you covered. It is rather simple to know your car or truck’s worth in cash. Don’t look for agents or car salesmen or any local mechanic to assess your car. They might not be qualified well enough for the job and some of them might even rig the figures just so that you agree to sell it off to them instead. Following are some of the aspects you need to understand to be able to correctly valuate your old and used car.

The Brand Of The Car

We know by now that the brand of the car/ truck or any vehicle you use will have a significant impact on its resale value. Your used car will fetch a final resale value satisfactory to your expectations only if the brand you have is well reputed and sought after in the market. This will be the case regardless of the quality of the vehicle or the condition you’ve kept the car in. When you ask the leading companies, they would tell you how easy it is for some vehicles to rapidly depreciate in value. Yes, as soon as you drive off the lot, their value falls. Brands like Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, and Toyota are among the top ranking names and comprise a major chunk of the market. These cars are known well across the industry for retaining higher resale values as compared to other brands. Still, there are going to be some instances when the condition of the car might impact the final value of the used car you have. But having said that, almost all of these brands can and will retain a major part of their value which could be anywhere from 45-60% of their original worth primarily in the first 3 years of ownership. This is much less when we compare it to just 35% for other brands of cars in the same amount of time and in the same category of vehicles.

What Accessories Have You Used In Your Car?

Yes, this might not be the one factor you have ever considered but it will impact the final worth of your used car significantly. You see the performance enhancers and similar parts & aftermarket accessories your car is equipped with are not going to do any wonders for it in the end. So if you are thinking that the latest and greatest equipment such as those supercharger kits, woofers and complicated stereos, custom rims, or any other accessories you had installed would end up making the price of your car really touch the sky, think again. Although you will obviously enjoy the many perks these enhancements would bring, they might seem like an unnecessary gimmick to the future buyer. This is strictly in case you choose to look for a potential buyer for your used car. However, if you do choose to sell it off to a car wreckers firm in the city, you will be at liberty to remove those accessories and sell them off separately or keep them for another vehicle in your home or you can even ask the car removal guys to consider them as well when evaluating the car.

Condition Of The Car

The exterior condition of the car matters a lot and it is practically a no-brainer. You already know how any outwardly damage to the used vehicle, no matter how slight it is, will have a negative impact on its value. It readily chases away most of the used car buyers you might be hopeful about. It is a good idea that if you're planning to sell your used car, to get it washed professionally, and also get some repair work done right away and iron out those dings and dents, or get that overdue detail/paint correction job. This will increase the value of your used car or truck but then again this is strictly with regards to selling your car to a potential user. When it comes to selling your truck or SUV to a reputed cash for cars company in Perth, all of this doesn’t matter at all. They will take in any car of any make and in absolutely any condition without any questions asked!

Interior condition would matter too and this is again when you want the car to be worth the attention of the future owner. So it becomes important to mention that in case you decide to sell it the traditional way, you will have to make sure that its interiors are clean and well-kept. When people come across a well kept car, they are more willing to invest in it.  Make sure there are no unpleasant odors or that it looks nothing like you’ve eaten /slept/ drunk/ lived in it. But all of this wouldn’t matter if you’re choosing the services of a reliable and highly recommended cash for cars company in the city. They don’t have any such requirements whatsoever and will readily value your car at the maximum price.

The offer you get from them will be well worth your time and consideration.