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Stress In The Workplace: Balance is Key

Stress is a part of everyone's life. It is an inevitable feeling people will face multiple times throughout their lives. A little bit of stress is quite healthy, but some people are more susceptible to stress and the negatives it can bring, than others. It can strike anywhere: at home, at school and especially in the workplace. The key to avoiding stress is to implement balance in your life.

Balance Your Workload

One of the main stressors in the workplace is an overabundance of work. When you're swamped and facing down deadlines, that clock definitely seems to speed up which doesn't help the situation. If you're overworked, with too many tasks to complete, enlist the help of your co-workers if you can. At the very least let your boss know so they can help you prioritize tasks, if necessary. This way it doesn't look like you're skipping out on your duties, and your superiors are well aware of the situation should you fall behind.

If your stress is doubled at home balancing the juggling act between parenting and working, consider making a to-do list or detailed schedule so you always know what has to be done. You can also enlist the kids' help to complete chores that are age-appropriate, thus reducing your strain.

Ignore The Gossip Mill

Another wide source of stress in the workplace is busybody co-workers who can't seem to mind their own business. They have to fill you in on what every Tom, Susie and Larry are doing, and when your back is turned, you just know that you're on the tip of their tongue. The best thing to do in this case is to simply ignore it. If you pay them no mind, they'll stop bothering you and likely stop talking about you since it's not getting the desired reaction.

Develop Healthy Coping Mechanisms

You may never be able to eliminate stress completely, but there are a few coping mechanisms you can employ. Don't bring your work home with you, and especially the problems and daily stressors. Leave your baggage at the front door and don't touch it again until you go back to work. This will give you peace of mind for every hour that you're not at your desk or station.

Engage in meditation, or deep breathing exercises to soothe your mind and relax the tension in your body. It can be a great mind-clearing activity that lets you set the stress aside.

While it can be tempting, don't use alcohol or drugs as a means of coping. Addiction, in many instances, begins as a faulty coping mechanism that eventually turns into something that the person can no longer control. It has the potential to ruin relationships, careers, and even life. Of the many types of substance that can be used, narcotics abuse is one of the most common because of the availability of these drugs on the market. Thankfully, doctors and the government are working to protect civilians from these drugs by regulating who gets them and for how long. If you find yourself struggling, you might need to get into prescription drug rehab to break the habit.

Stress in the workplace is very common, whether you're just entering the force or facing down your last year before retirement. Learning how to appropriately deal with it is what makes all the difference and makes it a little easier to handle.