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Massage Courses Are a Gateway to a Satisfying Career

As a massage therapist, you help your clients to relieve body tension and pain, whether it’s from injuries or just stress factors. Different forms of massages will help to solve different problems and aches.

To be a certified massage therapist in Australia, you first will need to obtain a Certificate IV in Massage Therapy. A variety of massage courses will train students to provide the appropriate massage service to a host of different clients.

Check out just a few of the ways massage therapists can enrich their patients’ lives and the training they need to provide relief:

Whole Body Massage

Tired individuals looking to release tension from their whole body will benefit from your skills to massage the whole body in a certain sequence.

Typically, massages are worked down the body, but you can only learn exactly how and why from courses focusing on full body massages.

Deep Tissue Massage

Sometimes, our body aches extend far below the surface of our skin. This problem frequently persisting in older individuals includes pains in their joints, deep tissues and the like.

Individuals suffering from muscle spasms, osteoarthritis and similar conditions can benefit greatly from deep tissue massage. This form of massage works by realigning the connective tissues to reduce the ache.

Pregnancy and Infant Massage

Pregnant women will surely have tense muscles from carrying a baby to full term, especially with their bodies undergoing drastic changes.

For pregnant moms, getting some tension release from massage before they give birth will surely help. Meanwhile, massages can be given to babies aged 6 months and older to encourage the development of stronger and firmer body muscles.

Swedish Massage

Considered classical massage, Swedish massage is the prerequisite to other forms and types of massages with an end goal of providing improved blood circulation to the client.

Swedish massage focuses greatly on the hand motions used during a massage therapy session. Expect to learn hand kneading techniques, sweeping strokes and much more.

Lava Shell Massage

Specialise in heat-based massage treatments by utilising nature’s bountiful resources! Individuals who want to do all the work without requiring a lot of strength will benefit from this form of massage.

Lava shell massages specifically make use of tiger striped clam shells and heat to massage different areas of the body. This unique massage course is approved by the Massage Association of Australia.

Hot Stone Massage

This form of massage is a type of Swedish massage. Similar to lava shell massage techniques, the hot stone massage utilises heat distribution to release muscle tension.

Not just any stones are used for hot stone massage! In fact, only heated basalt stones are used to provide the relief and relaxation brought on by the massage.

Remedial Massage Therapy

Clients looking for remedial massage therapy are usually seeking better mobilisation of the knotted and tense muscles around their body.

When you learn remedial massage therapy, you can help to shorten recovery time for individuals who are undergoing recovery from minor injuries and stress factors.


Reflexology massages work on the entire body, much like a whole body massage. However, this form of massage treatment utilises pressure points found on the hands and feet.

By pressing onto these pressure points, the pains in other parts of the body are relieved. Due to its non-invasiveness, many individuals new to massage therapies prefer to try reflexology first.

Thai Massage

Like reflexology, Thai massage utilises pressure points to relieve migraines, digestive issues and other forms of physical pain. Thai massage is deemed so safe and helpful that it is even accepted by rehabilitation centres and hospitals in Thailand.

For an authentic Thai massage experience and certification, it would be best to learn this course in its country of origin.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

When our lymphatic fluids do not circulate properly, it can result in muscle tension around the lymphatic vessels close by and lead to issues with the immune system.

Lymphatic drainage massage helps to relieve clients from lymphatic clogging issues and ensures that their body’s immune system stays active.


Image via PIXABAY/Pixabay License

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