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How a Great Smile Can Be a Positive Influence in Business

Body language is among the most significant contributors to the negotiation process of any business deal. It dictates how both parties will behave towards one another throughout the entire process. Take a look at how a great smile can be a positive influence in business contexts and how good dental health could affect negotiations and meetings positively.

A Smile Creates a Welcoming Atmosphere

A smile creates a positive aura in the room. Take for example a person who walks into a meeting while smiling. They spread this cheer to everyone in the room. This creates an inviting mood that allows the meeting to begin positively. The smile alone, especially if it is from one of the key members in the meeting, is enough for breaking the tension that is usually experienced during such moments.

A Smile Allows Both Parties to Be Comfortable

There is nothing that can kill a meeting – especially one that revolves around negotiations – like discomfort. You cannot express yourself since you are not confident about your dental formula. Other contributors like having bad breath, can cause you to freak out when you are requested to address a congregation. Most people fear that they may suffocate the congregants with their bad breath the minute they open their mouths. This leads them to speak with their mouths half open.

Furthermore, people with oral issues who sits on important information, tend to rush through their information. In return, this may cause them to skip some critical details in their presentation. Someone who is confident about their smile and oral hygiene will not shy away from expressing themselves eloquently. They will take their time to explain what services or products they have to offer and how it will benefit their potential client. In case of any clarifications, they will provide the necessary information fearlessly.

Such person is more likely to close a deal as opposed to one who is not confident about their smile. Anyone who is not confident about their smile and general dental health needs to consult the help of a qualified dentist, such as those available at Pure Dentistry, if they want to transform their smile. By doing so, they are eliminating the risk of feeling insecure in business contexts due to their oral hygiene.

A Smile Camouflages Disappointment

Instead of frowning and expressing your disappointment to the client when they do not buy your idea, it is better to smile and hide the frustration. This gives you room to request and plan for another meeting in the future. You will find it easier to convince your client to take the proposal when you are giving a warm impression by smiling as opposed to when you have an expressionless, cold face. If you had already made good progress in the first deal, smiling could give you another chance to prove yourself to the client by securing another meeting quite easily.