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3 Reasons Why Should Seriously Consider Setting Yourself up as an Entrepreneur

Not too long ago, the idea of being an entrepreneur was primarily associated with hard-nosed business figures, such as Warren Buffett, or members of the Rockefeller family. An entrepreneur was seen to be someone who put on a suit every day, went up to their corner office cigar in hand, and set about micromanaging a team of worker drones.

Increasingly, however, more and more people from all walks of life, and from many different professional backgrounds, are taking their professional destiny into their own hands and are establishing themselves as entrepreneurs.

No doubt, this is largely driven by the recent explosion in digital technologies, and the unprecedented number of opportunities these technologies have opened up to the general public.

If you’re reluctant, however, to explore the entrepreneur's life yourself, here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider it.

Vital information is now more accessible than ever before

Once upon a time, becoming a successful entrepreneur in certain fields might have required an extensive professional background, and years of experience. At least, in a large number of instances.

Today, however, vital information on the running of a business is globally accessible thanks to the Internet and modern communications technology.

If you’re curious about how to value stocks, for example, you only need to spend an afternoon searching up the relevant keywords online to come away with a decent understanding of some of the fundamentals, and a good idea of where you should turn for a more in-depth understanding.

In light of the abundance of opportunity that is available today, it seems almost irresponsible to not take advantage of the fact.

As machines become more sophisticated, traditional jobs are likely to become less secure

Cal Newport is a highly acclaimed writer and academic, best known for his books on productivity and efficiency.

In one of his most popular books, “Deep Work,” he convincingly argues the case for his belief that as machines become increasingly sophisticated (especially AI technology) traditional jobs are likely to become less and less secure – especially those that don’t demand a very high threshold of skill and focus.

Even quite recently, many people could afford to take for granted that once they were “in the door” they could reliably expect to work for the same company for decades. Today, all bets are off, as the face of the business world is changing constantly.

Being your own boss may just be the most secure option going forward.

Being your own boss can make life a lot more fulfilling

The famous cartoonist and writer Scott Adams is a big fan of side hustles. In fact, he believes that everyone should have at least one at any given time.

His reason? Well, among other things, he argues that side hustles make life a lot more fulfilling, and can help to keep motivation high when your day job may not be very fulfilling.

Being your own boss can make life a lot more fulfilling. The stakes are a lot higher, and you're a lot more in control. The creative vision is all yours, and there’s everything to play for.

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